19.06.2018 08:19

Un premier IPO Day lausannois couronné de succès

Mercredi dernier s’est tenu la deuxième édition de l’IPO Day à Lausanne. Comme à Zurich il y a quelques mois, l’événement a connu un succès encourageant, réunissant près de 70 participants, dont une quinzaine de banquiers d’affaires et 11 jeunes start-up à forte croissance intéressées par la perspective d’une introduction en bourse.


09.04.2018 08:10

Polyphor plans IPO on SIX Swiss Exchange before summer

Polyphor is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical Company focused on the discovery and development of innovative antibiotics and other specialty pharma products for severe or life-threatening diseases. Its lead product, in Phase III clinical development, is the first in a new class of antibiotics.


22.03.2018 08:38

Sensirion valued at CHF 500 million

Sensirion Holding AG, a leading global manufacturer of environmental and flow sensors, has priced its IPO at CHF 36 per share. Sensirion shares will be traded on SIX Swiss Exchange from today. The company will raise gross proceeds from the IPO of CHF 55 million.


28.02.2018 10:19

Sensirion gibt IPO-Pläne bekannt

Ein Tag nach Medartis kündigt ein weiteres Schweizer Hightech-Unternehmen den Gang an die SIX Swiss Exchange an. Sensirion produziert Mikrosensoren für die Automobilindustrie, die Medizinaltechnik und die Unterhaltungselektronik.


27.02.2018 11:30

Medartis bereitet Börsengang vor

Der Hersteller von chirurgischen Implantaten und Instrumenten zur Knochenfixation plant im ersten Halbjahr 2018 einen IPO an der SIX Swiss Exchange. Damit soll das weitere Wachstum finanziert werden.


01.12.2017 10:23

First IPO Day broke down barriers

For 15 years an IPO didn’t seem to be a viable option for Swiss start-ups. But this is slowly changing. At the first Swiss IPO Day held this week in Zurich Swiss start-ups met with investment bankers and advisors and received answers to their burning questions. 


10.11.2017 12:00

"An IPO has become a serious alternative”

On 28 November the first Swiss IPO Day will take place in Zurich organised by Swiss Startup Invest. At the event high-tech companies with high potential will meet the relevant investment bankers and advisors. We talked with Jean-Pierre Vuilleumier, Managing Director of Swiss Startup Invest, about the event and IPOs in general.

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28.06.2018 14:00 - 22:30

Female Innovation Forum BMW Group Brand Experience Center, Industriestrasse 11, Dielsdorf


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07.07.2018 13:00 - 18:00

Ethereum Meetup powered by Techcrunch Theater Casino Zug, Artherstrasse 2-4, Zug

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