14.04.2018 09:34

The largest national network of bioinformaticians in Europe

Day after day, the 800 experts of the SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics work hand in hand with life scientists and clinicians to make sense of an ever-increasing amount of biological data. They develop software and algorithms, they curate and preserve the wealth of knowledge contained in the scientific literature for future generations, they conduct powerful analyses to discover, predict, prevent, cure… for the benefit of society.

14.04.2018 09:27

digitalswitzerland challenges recap

Impressions of the digitalswitzerland challenge Demo & Pitch Day 2018. The challenge is an invitation to the leading minds of the country to jointly develop innovative concepts and crazy ideas and to put them into action. First results and new bets have been presented at the Demo & Pitch Day. 


03.04.2018 19:31

Landing a drone with gestures

Video submission to Human-Robot Interaction conference in March in Chicago by a team from IDSIA Lugano.


28.03.2018 19:15

ETH ieLab & Pioneer Fellowships

The ETH Innovation & Entrepreneurship Lab (ieLab) is the one-stop support organization for all members of ETH with entrepreneurial ideas and questions. The ieLab is also the home of ETH spin-offs and Pioneer Fellows pursuing their ambitious entrepreneurial plans. The ieLab supports (potential) founders with its huge network of experts in all business aspects, with coaching by serial entrepreneurs and industry experts, with special trainings, with valuable events organized regularly, and with easy access to investors and the Swiss start-up ecosystem.

Source: ieLab Youtube Channel


27.03.2018 19:16

VR that stormed US film festival coming to Lausanne

VR_I – is a 100% virtual dance piece in which five spectators are immersed, in real time, within a virtual space. Immersive and contemplative, the performance invites viewers (or rather their avatars) to follow their own point of view. This unique installation addresses the user’s perception of reality and own ability to adapt instantly to possible worlds—worlds that they accept as long as they meet certain criteria of our reality.

The performance is Swiss-made and was created by Cie Gilles Jobin and Artanim, both from Geneva. 

VR_I will be shown in Lausanne from 27 April to 6 May. Reservation on the website of arsenic.


18.03.2018 10:08

A trip through a post-apocalyptic seabed

»FAR: Lone Sails« is a vehicle adventure game. The player needs to maintain and upgrade their unique vessel to traverse a dried-out sea. FAR: Lone Sails will be out on Steam on 17 May.

Source: Mixtvision Digital Youtube Channel

18.03.2018 10:00

If you run an agency give Sendtask feedback

Sendtask is a collaboration tool that allows you to work efficiently with anyone — without them having to create an account. While the recipient needs nothing but an email, they still get access to all the features of a task manager. This includes due dates, attachments, comments and — of course — completion.

Hundreds of users are using Sendtask everyday, now the startup is looking for feedback to make the tool even better.

Source: Sendtask Youtube Channel

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18.05.2018 15:40

digitalswitzerland Scale up Bootcamp Zurich startup space, Wiesenstr. 5, Schlieren

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24.04.2018 18:15 - 20:00

Clever eine Firma gründen Fiduciaire Horlogère Suisse SA, Biel/Bienne

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Baselaunch deadline approaching

Less than 30 days left to apply for BaseLaunch’s 15-month accelerator program for start-ups in the field of therapeutics, diagnostics, medtech andrelated areas. Baselaunch offers non-dilutive funding, industry access, expert advice and state of the art infrastructure. Deadline: 14 May 2018.