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Swiss company Plair revolutionizes air quality monitoring

11.01.2016 16:59

Geneva-based Plair SA achieves first accurate, automatic and real-time pollen monitoring per species, revolutionizing the ability to prevent hay fever and improve quality of life. The system has been tested successfully by MeteoSwiss.

Plair’s particle analyzers detect and at the same time instantly identify pollen species with outstanding precision of up to 99% and with sensitivity of one particle per cubic meter, 24 hours per day, all year round. Plair provides full-spectrum solutions with its detector, Particle Analyzer PA-300, which comprises proprietary laser-based technology, compound libraries, data processing and an online dashboard. It outperforms both state-of-the-art analytical techniques and all current commercialized instruments. Until now, this level of performance and versatility had never been reported. The users of Plair’s detector can also develop their own compound libraries due to its flexible technology.

Successful test
In 2015, the Swiss Federal Office of Meteorology and Climatology (MeteoSwiss), a leading global reference in the field, commissioned and acquired its first PA-300, serving to demonstrate the particle analyzer’s performance and dependability in real operating conditions. MeteoSwiss experts have since established PA-300’s ability to measure and distinguish several common pollen species instantaneously and autonomously. In addition, PA-300 has shown it can also discriminate pollen from other particulates, such as air pollutants.

According to Dr. Bernard Clot of MeteoSwiss: “After years of hope and tests, we are glad to have Plair’s PA-300, a system that can revolutionize airborne pollen observations, with its automatic and real-time monitoring. Compared to the current standard, which still relies on particle collection and time-consuming manual pollen identification, it offers much better detection through a higher sampling. The possibility of detecting different kinds of particles simultaneously opens up a huge field for applications.”

Spanish research institute selects Plair
Dr. Denis Kiselev, CEO and Co-Founder of Plair SA, stated: “We were stunned by the outstanding performance of our PA-300, by its ability to quantify and identify pollen in real time with such accuracy. We are pleased that our system meets client needs and provides exactly the solution required for reliable pollen monitoring. It’s a great accomplishment. This demonstration has already raised a lot of interest worldwide. We are also delighted to announce that IC3, the Catalan Institute of Climate Sciences, a renowned Spanish research institute, has just selected our product after a thorough public tender process.”


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More news about Plair
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