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Imverse closes CHF1.5 million financing round

21.09.2018 15:01
Imverse Livemaker

Imverse’s graphics software makes the creation of photorealistic 3D content 10 times faster and cheaper than current solutions. With the proceeds from the round, the start-up will double the size of the team and open an office in Los Angeles.

Swiss VR start-up Imverse has closed a financing round with several Swiss business angels clubs, a Swiss venture capital firm, private investors and a syndicate of experienced business insiders from the US. The proceeds will be used to expand the engineering, sales and business development team and to create VR content for marketing purposes. In addition Imverse will open an office in Los Angeles to be closer to customers, partners and investors.

The Swiss start-up is setting new benchmarks worldwide. That is why Imverse hold the first-ever VR Workshop in VR at SIGGRAPH – one of the leading conferences for Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques. During the workshop participants were introduced to IMVERSE LiveMaker, a software to create 3D universes from a single 360° picture. In addition, the start-up showed its real-time hologram solution with “Elastic Time”. Visitors (one or multiple) entered the stage, and the solution captured them live: Visitors saw their 3D photorealistic body in VR immediately, and saw others together with them as life-size holograms.

“We’ve come a long way in one short year”, comments Javier Bello Ruiz, CEO and co-founder at Imverse, “there is a clear market fit for both the holograms and our reconstruction software. Users are thrilled and delighted when they get hands-on time with our product. And we’re continuing to grow, and push the boundaries of what technology can do. In other words: This is just the beginning.”


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More news about Imverse AG
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