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8 startups selected for SICTIC Investor Day Lausanne

02.11.2015 13:30

SICTIC is a new business angel club aimed at ICT start-ups. The association has selected the 8 startups to pitch on the next Sictic day on 9 November.

The jury comprised of Alexandre Peyraud (aleCent), Patrick Barbey (Innovaud) and Thomas Dübendorfer (SwissICT Investor Club) have selected the 8 startups that will have the opportunity to pitch on November 9th in Lausanne.

  1. Teleport Ninja: New interaction paradigm in video, used for immersive virtual tours

  2. Technis: Creating the future of sports through the digitalisation of its physical infrastructures.

  3. ShoeSize.Me: Plug-In solution for online shops to recommend the right shoe size to shoppers.

  4. ROVENSO : Agile robots for nuclear decommissioning and emergency response

  5. Prevue Medical: Easy 3D Printing Service for Doctors

  6. Luma7: automatic links creation between articles in the text of every page in a website according to a “distance” relationship.

  7. Faveeo: Extracting valuable content from the social web for intelligence and marketing purposes

  8. Fastree3D: 3d imaging sensors for autonomous vehicles, automotive driving assistance that locate and recognize fast moving objects in real-time.

After a presentation by SwissSafeCloud about its new offering for Swiss startups, the 8 startups will compete with their elevator pitch (90 seconds, 1 slide) on stage in front of investors. Audience will then choose the 4 startups presenting in an extensive way (7min, 5min Q&A).

The event is open to anyone interested by web/mobile/software startups and will take place at Chambre Vaudoise de Commerce et d’Industrie in Lausanne on November 9th, at 17:00.

Registration deadline: Friday 6th of November, at 19:00

For further information about Sictic visit startupticker


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