IMD announces the 25 startup competition winners

14.12.2015 11:35

25 start-ups have been announced winners of the IMD Award 2015/2016. As a reward they will work with the MBAs and EMBAs in 2016.

Created in 1999, the IMD Award competition provides a unique opportunity for regional start-ups to benefit from the help and insights from participants in the IMD MBA and the Executive MBA programs - highly talented, experienced and motivated individuals who have been carefully screened to participate in two of the most selective and rigorous business programs in the world.

10 of the 25 selected winners will work with the Executive MBA classes - a group of experienced international executives who, in small teams, will analyse and challenge their business plans, teams and company strategies and pitch their start-ups to venture capitalists in Silicon Valley in September. The other 15 start-ups will receive the dedicated support of MBA participants under the supervision of an IMD Faculty member. The team will focus exclusively on business-related issues of the new venture which are vital in developing the critical components of its business plan.

Jim Pulcrano, member of the EMBA teaching team at IMD Business school, explains in a blog "How do we pick winners?" on LinkedIn, IMD's criteria for selecting winners. 

The 25 winners of the IMD Award are:


Andreas Ulbig
We develop tools that enable Distribution System Operators to integrate more renewables into their electricity grid while maintaining grid stability and saving operation & planning costs.

Alexandre Catsicas, ARTMYN provides digitization of visual artworks with interactive rendering, via a web browser, accessible from any mobile device. The “iTunes for Art”.

Raphaël Gindrat
BestMile is offering the solution to manage fleets of autonomous vehicles.

ComfyLight AG
Stefanie Turber
Novel in-home security products and services. Our first product, ComfyLight, is a simple and elegant security solution built in a sensor-packed light bulb and a smart phone app.

Peripal AG
Sandra Neumann
Novel patient assist device for a chronic patient population in dialysis, solving the most problematic therapy step: a manual connection of tubings.

Polyneuron Pharmaceuticals
Ruben Herrendorff
Polyneuron develops a promising new class of drugs to treat autoimmune disorders of the nervous system.

Olivier Hamel
Prodibi is the high-quality, powerful and easy way to showcase images beautifully. We deliver new standards of beauty and delight to the online image experience.

ViDi Systems SA
Nicolas Corsi
ViDi enables computers, machines and cars to make sense of images so they can interact intelligently with the world.

Esmeralda Megally
Xsensio develops a Lab-on-Skin sensing platform, combining biosensors and wearables.

Xiang Li
ZuriMED develops and produces medical devices for ligament reconstruction.


7Peaks Brasserie
Robby & Corinne Collins
Craft beer, brewed with passion in the Swiss alps.

Altitude Ventures
Lukas Hochmeister, Elvin Sulejmanovic
Developing an online platform for outdoor sports.

Ursin Sciamanna
cf/x is the leading Swiss image processing software company. Products are sold online globally.

Tobias Schubert
FARMY is an online farmers’ market, offering the best organic food from local producers.

G-ray Switzerland
Patrick Scherrer
G-ray: the ultimate detection frontier

Markus Geiser
IRsweep commercializes ETH Zurich laser technology, to sell fast and scalable optical sensors to laboratories and later on industrial customers.

Pascal Gallo
LakeDiamond specializes in diamond production technologies. LakeDiamond will provide laboratory-grown, Swiss-made real diamonds for jewellery and high-tech applications.

milKit - Sport Components
Pius Kobler
Sport Components AG develops smart and high quality components for bicycles. Focusing on first-class user support we efficiently process user and sales data to strengthen our online sales strategy.

Svetlana Afonina
Plair develops and commercializes world-class surveillance solutions for continual monitoring and identification of airborne particles.

Sabrina Badir, h With a reliable, easy to use and safe diagnostic device, Pregnostics ensures that more women can have a happy pregnancy until term.

Bertrand Klaiber
Pristem will provide the first all-in-one fully digital radiography system designed for emerging markets, i.e. two-thirds of humanity that still have not access to this essential diagnostic instrument

Yuliy Schwartzburg
Rayform provides a service to integrate light redirection technology into luxury products, allowing the products to form highly detailed images by reflection or refraction when illuminated.

Thomas Estier
We make agile robots that preserve human life from hazardous operations in nuclear decommissioning and emergency response.

SensArs Neuroprosthetics
Francesco Maria Petrini
We restore natural sensations to the missing legs of amputees, improving their walking, and diminishing fatigue and pain.

Serena Shamash & Amir Anzur
StaffGrab is a marketplace solution that provides the most efficient way to match companies and employees for short-term work in the hospitality industry, essentially, it's the “uber” for hospitality staffing.


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