Sophia Genetics expands in Germany and Austria

14.04.2015 10:13

Sophia Genetics, the European leader in Data Driven Medicine, has today confirmed three major deals with European NGS clinics. The agreements will see the company deliver leading analytics services in routine clinical practice benefitting thousands of patients per year.

The three new clients are based in Karlsruhe, Germany, Mannheim, Germany and Vienna, Austria –institutions which until recently had not embraced the use of advanced genomic analysis to aid patient diagnosis.

The announcements mean that patients with conditions including cystic fibrosis and cancer which are served by these hospitals will now see improvements in the accuracy and speed with which their conditions are diagnosed, or in some cases their risk of disease predicted.

All three institutions will also join the Sophia Clinical Community – a secure network where clinicians examine past experience to help drive better decision making in their own practices. Users can add their knowledge to the collective pool of understanding, thus driving continuous improvements over time.

They join more than 40 other European institutions already using the platform to improve their understanding. By becoming members of the community, all three institutions will benefit from collective knowledge for diagnosing congenital conditions as well as cancers.

In the case of the MVZ Volkmann Karlsruhe, the institution, which recently moved from Sanger technics to offering NGS based solutions for Cystic Fibrosis testing analysis thanks to Sophia Genetics’ Fast Track Validation Program, will now expand its portfolio of NGS tests to breast cancer.

Dr. Bernhard Miller from the Molecular Diagnostics section of MVZ Volkmann Karlsruhe said: “With Sophia’s solutions, we achieve top analytical performance and fast turn-around times for our routine cystic fibrosis testing. This convinced us to expand our portfolio to BRCA testing using Sophia Genetics’ Fast Track NGS validation program – achieving routine access within 7 days”

Dr. Jurgi Camblong from Sophia Genetics said: “Sophia DDM is experiencing good traction in Germany and we expect to see many more Sophia DDM adopters in the next weeks. Adoption of clinical NGS in Germany is just taking off now and Sophia DDM offers the required guarantee in terms of a scalability, robustness and accuracy to help labs making the move.”

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