FIRST webinar on Startup Boards

27.02.2019 12:00 - 13:30
Understand the general concepts on how startup boards are built, organised, work with shareholders and the CEO  and evolve over the life of a startup

Who should attend

  • Active or future startup Board members, who want to review/understand Board basics and best practices
  • Entrepreneurs, who want to build a performing board through the various phases of their company
  • Startup shareholders, who want to understand how they can contribute to a high-performing Board
  • Professionals who are active in the SME sector

What will be covered

  • Why governance matters?
  • The role and responsibilities of a non-executive board  
  • The composition of Boards and their evolution
  • How start up boards work ?
  • Why startup boards are different from larger company Boards
  • Startup board challenges and keys to success factors

The Trainers:

Virginie Verdon Head of the EPFL Startup Board Academy  

Brigitte Baumann 2015 European Angel of the Year  will lead the webinar and share their knowledge

Attendees also share their experiences

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