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14.12.2018 14:43

Swiss start-ups are well received by a wide variety of investors

Dear reader

Nexthink’s software allows IT departments to understand in real time how the IT system will appear on end-user screens. This allows optimisation and targeted intervention in the event of difficulties, resulting in massive savings. The Lausanne-based company has been growing for years and is responsible for the financing round of the week: CHF 85 million provides funding for further growth. The financing round is led by Index Ventures, one of the most well-known venture capital companies.

Swiss start-ups have learned a lot in recent years, and this includes finding the right financial backer for the right situation. IT security company xorlab, which was founded in 2015, has raised almost CHF 2 million backed by Zürcher Kantonalbank and the Hasler Foundation. The much younger fintech firm Billte has management consulting firm Synpulse on board, and Greenmotion has persuaded Aargau energy provider AEW to co-finance the development of a nationwide network of charging stations for electric cars.

We also reported on further financing rounds at Metriopharm, Pexapark and GuestReady. Altogether, more than CHF 110 million has flowed into Swiss start-ups.

At the same time, there was good news from government support programmes. Fribourg cantonal government decided unanimously to invest another CHF 5 million in seed and venture capital for Fribourg start-ups. The first FIT Digital Growth Loans were awarded in canton Vaud; CHF 200,000 went to proptech start-up Neho and social engagement platform Alaya. And Klimafonds Stadtwerk Winterthur is now supporting two start-ups – Prognolite and Share Your Bicar.

That Swiss start-ups are not only well received in their respective home cantons but also abroad is shown by the international prizes they have won. Cleantech Startup GR3N has won the main prize in the European Commission’s Innovation Radar, and Sleepiz has been voted the most promising digital health start-up.

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Stefan Kyora

Editor in Chief,

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