Swiss finalists selected for Imagine IF! Swiss finals

18.09.2017 08:40

Top 11 startups have been nominated for the Swiss final of the Imagine IF accelerator for science-based start-ups. The Swiss winner will be awarded CHF 2’500 and a ticket to the global finals held with in the framework of the Innovation Forum 2017 in Oxford.

Imagine IF! is a global competition and accelerator program for deep technology. The program offers selected early stage science-based ventures mentoring programs, free office space and pitching training and support to enable them accelerate the speed of technology adoption for the benefit of the wider society.

In the coming weeks the finalists will receive mentoring in preparation for the Swiss finals which will be held on 3rd October 2017. The most outstanding Swiss start-up with the best pitch will win the competition with a cash prize of CHF 2’500. They will also receive in-kind contributions, support and a free pass to the Innovation Forum 2017 (IF2017, Oxford, 3rd-4th December 2017), the annual summit of all Innovation Forum’s associates from around the world.

The 11 selected projects from Switzerland are:

AccelOm – uses the processing power of General-Purpose Graphics Processing Units (GPGPUs) for making genomic data analysis 100x faster and 100x cheaper compared to state-of the-art solutions.

Broke’n’Roll – developed a device that simplifies the mobility of disabled and elderly. This device enhances the crutch allowing the user to walk faster and without pain.

iRON – seeks to replace the use of toxic and expensive kerosene lamps widely used in in areas with no access to the power grid, and to make phone charging possible at a very low cost.

Komp-ACTdeveloping lightweight electric equipment to replace hydraulic and pneumatic technologies for UAVs and Electric Aircrafts.

Motus Innovations VD – developed a robotic rehabilitation device that actively assists stroke survivors to complete more therapy, in their own home and at their own pace.

Nextep VD – developed adigital solution that allows amputees to quickly and reliably produce customised liners

OneSky VD – offers an online platform, which gathers data from a network of scaled-down control towers enabling virtually everybody to see the surrounding air traffic

Skypull TI – developed Altitude Wind Energy (AWE) system made of an autonomous drone connected by a tether to a ground power generator.

SunRegen BL – developing novel drugs to treat neurodegenerative diseases

SwissSource Instruments – allows customers from academia and industry that screen complex samples with Mass Spectrometry technique to speed-up sample preparation, increase sample throughput yet delivering highly accurate and complex fingerprints in one single step.

Zaphiro Technologies VD – EPFL spin-off that offers to electrical utilities a real-time monitoring and automation system that helps them to operate their grid more reliably, efficiently and cost effectively during both normal and fault conditions

At the global finals in Oxford, the top20 projects, including local winners from every branch and runners up selected from the global pool will pitch.


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