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11.09.2017 10:11

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Jean-Marc Wismer, an experienced start-up and medtech manager has joined MindMaze. Cyrill Boinay has left Bcomp to become Co-Managing Director of the Association of Swiss Scientific Olympiads. And Roman Probst, who had sold his first company last year, has launched a marketing and communication agency.

Jean-Marc Wismer has joinded MindMaze as the new COO, effective September 1st 2017. Jean-Marc Wismer has joinded MindMaze as the new COO, effective September 1st 2017. Formerly executive with Medtronic, COO of Lysis, CEO and founder of Neocast, Jean-Marc has over 25y experience in international growth management and financing. He is active since 2003 as a business consultant and interim manager for innovative high-tech companies. Jean-Marc spent 8 years as founder and CEO of Sensimed, where he raised over $50M in equity. Most recently, he served as CEO of KB Medical. Jean-Marc holds an MSc in electrical engineering from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and an MBA from the IMD, Lausanne.

From Bcomp to Swiss Scientific Olympiads
Cyrille Boinay is the new co-managing director of the Association of Swiss Scientific Olympiads from August 2017 onwards. The former start-up founder represents the umbrella organization externally. Boinay was responsible for marketing in companies of various sizes and sectors. Boinay successfully realized his ideas as a start-up founder. With the sustainable young company Bcomp AG he won the Swiss Economic Forum Award 2016 in the category Hightech / Biotech.

"I am looking forward to the new and meaningful task: We offer young people a platform, where they can show their talents and live their lives. Our society needs motivated young people in science and business. With them we can face challenges such as digitization or the pressure for innovation, "says Cyrille Boinay. The Scientific Olympiads are currently offered in Computer Science, Biology, Geography, Philosophy, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics. Young people between the ages of 14 and 19 can be deepened and measured in these disciplines.

From building up a startup to supporting startups with a communication agency
About a year ago, Roman Probst made headlines when he sold his company, TRANSLATION-PROBST AG, which he had built into one of the most important translation service providers in Switzerland within eleven years, to the French market leader. Probst took a break and went on a trip around the world. When he arrived again in Switzerland on 6 August, he immediately began to implement a new business idea. The mission: to make startups, SMEs and exits successful - with marketing and communication, from analysis to implementation.

The idea behind MARKETING-PRobst explains Roman Probst as follows: "My experiences as an entrepreneur are unique: from the start to the establishment and the internationalization to the sale. I am very grateful today for the partly difficult but also great moments that I was able to experience as an entrepreneur, I would like to pass on this experience to other entrepreneurs and make them successful to foster strict customer orientation and innovation in Switzerland and to secure jobs through tailor-made solutions for companies.” The start has already been successful: before the website of the agency went online, the first three customers had been acquired.

Picture: Jean-Marc Wismer, Cyrille Boinay, Roman Probst (left to right)

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