Goodbye guest logbook - W3lcome digital check-in

15.10.2018 17:15
W3lcome at a clients reception

W3lcome is a software solution designed to enable digital self-check-in at the reception thereby saving time and the workload for the receptionist. The startup has already attracted large companies including SICOOB, the 5th largest banking service network in Brazil, Sancor, a major bank in Argentina and Brazil, and Braloba Switzerland, the world’s largest leather watchstrap producer.

Launched in July this year, W3lcome is a product of the Bern based Cotival Solutions GmbH founded by Lucas Cotta, Gabriel Gratival and Alisson Enz Rossi. Following several years of traveling around the world, the founders learned that there are several unorganized receptions worldwide, a problem that creates a wrong impression about a company to the guests. Moreover, many receptionists are still using logbooks, which makes the check-in process strenuous and time-consuming.

In effort to address this problem, the three founders developed software solution, called W3lcome. Designed for iPads, W3lcome allows visitors to self-check-in at a company or event. After providing the required information on the iPad, the visitor receives their badge from a connected printer, while the host of the meeting gets an automatic notification informing them about their meeting. This process not only makes the reception process seamless but also creates a positive impression of the company.

The application offers additional features for companies such as the possibility to synchronize all calendars, alert functionality to remind visitors prior to the meeting, QR-codes for faster check-in. Beyond check-in, the application can be used as a communication tool to inform employees about arrived deliveries at the front desk with only two taps. More features such as facial recognition are still under development.

The company is active in both Switzerland and Brazil with clients including SICOOB, the 5th largest banking service network in Brazil, Sancor a major bank in Argentina and Brazil with more than 80 branches, and Braloba Switzerland the world’s largest leather watchstrap producer.

Lucas Cotta, COO and founder of W3lcome is ambitious for faster growth. He says, “Our goal is to reach 20 clients in each country through organic sales by the end of November because demand is higher than we expected.”


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Lucas Cotta @ 16.10.2018 14:22

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