Startup Nation Israel meets Switzerland

Stefan Kyora

14.10.2016 08:21

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Tel Aviv

Israel is well known as one of the most important worldwide start-up hubs. What are the success factors? What can Switzerland learn from Israel? What are the opportunities for Swiss start-ups? Top-class speakers will discuss these questions at an event at the Technopark Luzern on 10 November.

To highlight the importance of Israel as a start-hub it only need three figures. Israel is number one in the rate of per capita R&D spending globally. Israel is the worldwide number two in number of start-ups second only to Silicon Valley. And Israel is the worldwide number one in per capita VC investment.

To experience first-hand, what is behind this success story and how it was possible in a country with less people and resources than Switzerland it is no longer necessary to fly to Israel. On 10 November a bunch of top class speakers will be at the first Startup-Nation Israel meets Switzerland event at the Technopark Luzern.

Speakers include start-up founders such as Ariel Maislos, CEO Stratoscale and former CEO Anobit who achieved a $390 million trade sale to Apple in 5 years, Investors and Shlomo Maital, former academic director of TIM-Technion Institute of Management, Israel's leading executive leadership development institute, and one of the top experts on the start-up ecosystem in Israel and in other countries. In his talk he will speak about an imaginary acquisition of Israel by Switzerland which would produce a highly profitable synergy: Entrepreneurial energy married to operational excellence. Shlomo Maital will discuss what Israel can learn from Switzerland, and perhaps, what Switzerland can learn from Israel, using case studies.

Investors include venture industry veteran Shlomo Kalish. He is the founder of Jerusalem Global Ventures, and a Managing Partner in Vaizra Investments. He will share his experience with six $1 billion+ exits, more than 10 IPOs and 40 investments.

More information on the website of the event.

More about the start-up ecosystem in Israel can be read in a recent article by NZZ.

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