Swiss Mobicamp on the horizon

17.10.2014 11:02

Swiss Mobicamp returns to Bern on 6th November. The event has established itself as the premier gathering of all of those involved in the Swiss mobile ecosystem. We can offer our readers discounted tickets.

Mobile has evolved into a horizontal enabler, creating opportunities for innovation in many industries across the globe. It’s clear that it is increasingly difficult to monetise apps. Recent research from Vision Mobile has shown that 1.5% of ALL apps on the App store account for 98.5% of the total revenue. This autumn at Mobicamp they’ll show you how your talent, resources and knowledge can be deployed to influence and disrupt emerging mobile trends in areas such as The Internet of Things, automotive, mHealth, mobile payments and wearable computing.

The 15+ international speakers will help you to understand which business models work in these new arenas and show how to build sustainable, recurring revenue streams.

Selected speakers and content include:

  • One of the world’s leading industrial designers and Chairman of the British Industrial Design Association (BIDA).
  • Andreas Constantinou, Founder of Vision Mobile, trusted by the likes of Amazon, Mozilla, Google & Intel. Andreas is one of the mobile industry’s most respected analysts.
  • The award winning team who have helped their clients make Kickstarter history and raise over $20m for their respective projects. They will be giving their first ever workshop highlighting their tips & tricks for crowd funding success. 
  • A master class on the three key business models hidden behind the strategies of Internet giants like Apple, Amazon and WeChat. Learn how to apply these business model tools to win in Internet of Things, Connected Car, Smart Home, Smart Cities and Wearables.
  • The editor of the world’s premier wearable technology and connected self website.

Register using the promotional code StartUpTicker to get a 10% discount off your ticket. More info via

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