The program of the Swisscom Startup Challenge has started

14.10.2013 17:38

Iprova, Qloudlab, Skiioo, Terria Mobile, Tooxme and Upicto are the winners of the Swisscom StartUp Challenge. Today their program in the Silicon Valley starts with visits to Google, a VC, a UX designer and the Swisscom office in Palo Alto.

In August six companies were selected for a unique one-week business trip to Silicon Valley. In Silicon Valley, the young Swiss entrepreneurs will be able to network and swap information with successful international start-ups, venture capitalists and experts. Specially designed workshops will help them glean knowledge and expertise from established representatives of the sector.

From Tuesday to Thursday the winners will have meetings tailored to their needs. “The meetings will be challenging and inspiring”, writes Urs Stender in his first blog post about the trip. Urs Stender, Venture Associate at Swisscom, accompanies the entrepreneurs and will report regularly about the trip in a dedicated blog at Swisscom StartUp and „realtime“ on Twitter with the Hashtag #SSupC13. Readers of the travel diary and the tweets can win a flight to San Francisco! At Startupticker we will also report about the experiences of the six entrepreneurs.

The six winners are:

Iprova has developed a software solution that searches for information on the net about newly emerging technologies. Using these search results, companies can submit patent applications for commercially useful technologies in good time.

Qloudlab is the inventor and patent holder of the world’s first touchscreen-based biosensor. The sensor's technology turns the smartphone into a medical device that can conduct a variety of blood tests.

The online platform and app, both named Skiioo, connect skiing areas, winter sports enthusiasts and outfitters with each other. It features a single ski pass granting access to multiple skiing areas.

Terria Mobile has developed a system that increases the efficiency of developing, launching, updating and managing apps.

The Tooxme app displays in real time the closest options available for catching a lift. Tooxme drivers and passengers of each car share the petrol costs.

Upicto has developed a program that analyses surveillance systems. The software automatically recognises typical patterns in the recording and reports any deviations.

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