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T3 Pharma wins the title “2018 Science Start-Up of the Year”

12.11.2018 15:44

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T3 Pharma at Falling Walls

T3 Pharma specialising in immuno-oncology is named the “2018 Science Start-Up of the Year” by Falling Walls Venture for its Bacterial cancer therapy. The award honors emerging scientist-entrepreneurs for their breakthrough business models.

T3 Pharmaceuticals’ engineered bacteria stimulate the immune system by delivering selected human proteins directly into cells of the tumor microenvironment. Preclinical studies in a number of tumor models demonstrated a substantial impact on tumor progression as well as a durable immune-mediated memory to fight recurring tumors. The clinical development for the lead candidate has been initiated to assess the immunotherapy in men with a first clinical trial anticipated for the first half of 2020.

During the Falling Walls conference in Berlin, T3 Pharma presented its solution to world’s leading scientists that had attended the conference to identify trends, opportunities and solutions for global challenges and to discover international breakthrough research. T3 Pharma’s bacteria cancer therapy was selected as the most outstanding solution, winning the startup the title: “2018 Science Start-Up of the Year”.

"We are honored to receive this award. We thank the jury for recognizing the medical potential of our immuno-oncology approach. Our sincerest thanks go to all our friends, partners and supporters and, particularly, to the University of Basel, who nominated us for this award”, commented Simon Ittig, CEO of T3 Pharma. “The Falling Walls Venture Award confirms our aspirations to advance our therapy into clinical use for the benefit of cancer patients.”

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