CHF 260’000 for two medtech startups

06.11.2018 16:17
Aspivix & Seed Bioscience

Aspivix, the startup developing a non-traumatic, minimally invasive surgical instrument for gynaecology and Seed Biosciences with its DispenCell, a novel pipetting robot are the newly awarded startups in venture Kick final. Each startup will receive CHF 130’000.

Every year, about 65 million obstetric and gynecological treatments require access to the uterus, yet doctors are still using forceps to grasp, pull and stabilize the cervix inside the vaginal cavity. For the patient, the procedure can be painful and could result in cross-infection.

ASPIVIX developed a new generation of softer and easy to use forceps. The patented and disposable instrument is designed to prevent cervix bleeding using a gentle vacuum suction instead of the traditional sharp teeth of the forceps. Not only does the device ease Intra-uterine contraceptive device (IUD) insertion, Intra-uterine Inseminations (IUI) and Embryo Transfers (IVF) in reproductive medicine, it reduces discomfort in the patient and reduces the risks of bleeding and lesions.

Thanks to their innovative technology, Aspivix has attracted investors raising, CHF 1.8 million in a series A round. The startup is currently in preparation for the first-in-human clinical trials of its first series of prototypes.

“The three-stage process and the insightful boot-camps have been crucial in challenging and developing our business case. The funds we received were instrumental for translating our innovation from a laboratory to caregivers’ practice, and for potentially changing sustainably women’s care for millions of women worldwide,” explains Mathieu Horras, ASPIVIX founder and CEO.

SEED Biosciences is a spinoff of EPFL. The startup developed DispenCell, a compact pipetting robot to enable scientists to precisely isolate single cells three times faster than existing solutions. Single cell isolation is a key enabling step in many biological processes, including the production of biologics, cancer diagnosis, stem cell therapies and personalized medicine. Current methods of single cell isolation are not traceable yet, which implies that scientists invest up to five months in validation time or need to invest in very expensive equipment.

The patented pipetting system also permits accurate traceability, complying with the most stringent industry and regulatory standards. With DispenCell, SEED Biosciences offers an affordable and intuitive single-cell solution to industry players competing in the emerging multi-billion market of personalized medicine.
SEED Biosciences founder and CEO, Georges Muller had a “single line formula”:  "Venture Kick is like Google Maps for entrepreneurs; it drives you to the top and even finances you for the ride!" 

(Press release/RAN)

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