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cooala presents Version 2.0 and a new business model

01.11.2013 13:37

The cooala team did a detailed analysis of use in the first few months and used this as a basis for a completely new version including a new business model.

The vision of cooala remains to offer users all the information and offers from their favorite brands in one place - with a high level of privacy. Instead of registering on Facebook, in newsletters, blogs, shops, and news portals to receive info, cooala users have all of the information they need, neatly arranged in one place.

Version 2.0 of the app (in the Appstore since 30 October) appears more streamlined and focused. All content is delivered in summary form and free of distracting ads. An extensive source range, from Cashys blog to Mashable, from sneakernews to Vogue, is included.  Along with brand coverage, the most important shops, like Asos, Sephora, Blue Tomato, Def Shop, Sportscheck, World of Events Sony, Tesco and Zalando, are scanned for eye-catching deals. 

The design of the cooala app saw a major overhaul, making user experience much smoother and adapted to the iOS7 experience. The process is more visually lead, so that users can discover new areas and different functionalities of the app in a simple manner.

The voting game (What’s cooler?) was eliminated despite initial popularity. The choosing of favorite brands now works via a brand list. The favorite brands are then automatically assimilated into a brandboard and votings will now only be used for targeted use cases.

New Business Model and Offering
Revenue will no longer be generated through anonymised market research data, but rather through revenue sharing with retail partners. Additionally, brands can offer their subscribers relevant information or execute various campaigns on cooala, to raise awareness, engagement, word of mouth, and bring more users into their points of sale.

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