Selected Swiss Start-ups Mingle With Berlin‘s Digital Scene

26.05.2014 12:00

In order to allow Swiss start-ups to discover the unique entrepreneurial scene of Berlin, Earlybird and CTI Invest team up to give the start-ups the chance to pitch in front of investors in the context of the second Swiss Venture Day in Berlin. Before the pitches the companies will explore Berlin’s start-up scene with visits to hotspots such as betahaus and Factory.

In the last years, Berlin has become the digital center of Europe, with many tech companies such as Siemens, IBM, Microsoft, SAP, eBay or Oracle, choosing it as their home base. Furthermore, the city is a hotspot for entrepreneurship: every 20 hours a new internet startup is being founded and Berlin set the stage for many international success stories like Wooga, SoundCloud, Zalando, eDarling, Groupon or Delivery Hero. Moreover, a highly specialized network of investors, research institutes, coaching centers, incubators and accelerators.

CTI Invest, Earlybird, Alp ICT and Berlin Partner have organized a programme for selected Swiss start-ups that will give the companies the chance to dive into Berlin’s digital scene. On 2 June selected start-ups will visit betahaus, a co-working space that represents the core of Berlin’s founder’s community, and Factory, a technology campus, home of Mozilla, SoundCloud and 6wunderkinder - and meet local ventures there.

In the afternoon start-ups looking for financing will be able to pitch in front of selected Berlin based investors and entrepreneurs at the second Swiss Venture Day Berlin by CTI Invest at Earlybird. More information on the website of CTI Invest.

The selected Swiss start-ups are:

Attrackting aims to make people’s lives easier and more secure using intelligent and interactive everyday devices. Attrackting solutions are worn on people, pets, or objects, and enable interaction, continuous tracking, searching, locating and alarming.

Eturnity helps home owners to answer all questions about solar power before they invest. The Eturnity Hub measures real-time electricity consumption, streams real-time, location specific solar data from a online weather station network and simulates a battery system, which stores all excess solar energy. Home owners will get a precise assessment of their financial return of the simulated system.

FASHWELL is a spin-off of ETH Zurich and closing the gap between seeing a product and finding a product in an online shop. With the app users take pictures of pieces of clothing. The intelligent software then finds similar articles in online shops.

Flyability is developing Gimball, a game-changing flying robot, which can be flown indoors and in complex environments: it can stay stable after collisions with obstacles and can thus go where other robots can't. Furthermore, it is safe to fly close to humans.

Goodwall brings together all the stories of people doing good and highlights the best to inspire others to follow their footsteps. Goodwall is not “just another social network”: it promotes real, concrete actions that push humanity forward.

Kireego offers a simple, innovative way for a merchant to connect with another merchant to start sharing customers (without sharing databases), acquiring new ones, and cross-promoting products and services – all this, in one simple solution. One of the strongest feature allows larger companies to be present on the Kireego Platform in order to connect with local merchants and allow those merchants to create Exclusive Offers for the company's employees.

Powzy is a gamified mobile marketing platform for consumer brands. The platform is a first of its kind mobile marketing channel for acquiring consumers through mobile apps and games, and the start-up offers an ad network to B2C companies to advertise and acquire consumers through mobile devices.

qipp makes it easy to connect with personal things digitally and complete them with numerous services. The web application qipp is based on a patented "social network of things" technology. The Internet of Things start-up qipp is a spin-off of ETH Zurich.

Relish Guitars Switzerland is a young Swiss guitar label. Since 2010 Pirmin Giger and Silvan Küng have been developing their e-guitar "Jane" which sets new standards after 60 years of e-guitar market. "Jane’s" sound is unique. Due to the innovative construction, materials and design a new electric guitar experience has been created.

Unono is a social network for students to be in touch with life on campus. For Higher Education Institutions, Unono is a Content Management System that turns universities into social hubs. The vision is to create the leading online academic community that brings together all universities worldwide into a unique network.

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