12.05.2011 12:26
With its web-based start-up financing platform, Verve Capital Partners in Switzerland have successfully created a modern breed Venture Capital (VC) firm by combining best practices of traditional venture capital with the strengths of social media. The team of three entrepreneurs has now attracted over USD 600 000 in angel money to ramp up their own operations. gives private investors direct access to the most promising Swiss start-up companies. Instead of building a typical VC fund,’s team has listened to the market and offers clients the freedom to choose from an online portfolio of carefully selected start-up businesses looking for additional funding. Small investment minimums, often averaging USD $10k attract a growing investor base. Since its launch in February 2010, the platform has gained 700 investors of which have invested a total of over USD $1 million into five companies.’s pioneering launch over a year ago, marked the start of a larger trend of newly emerging venture financing platforms in the German-speaking DACH region. The clear strategic focus on high quality deals and equity-type startup financing proved to be another key success factor. Underlining its paramount quality standards, accepts half of its fees as stocks of the investee and thus ties its own success to the success of the selected companies.

As additional proof of concept, April 13 now marks the end of another angel round, which raised over USD 600k for itself – half of which was raised through a listing on their own platform for only two weeks. The capital raised will allow the team to improve the usability and investment process management capabilities of its platform and to implement basic post-deal services. Co-founder of Steffen Wagner announces: “A new breed of business angels, a valuable pipeline of deals and a strong community of experts that we can leverage for due diligence are critical to the venture capital equation. Another big success factor lies post-deal, which is why we will now work on services tailored to maximize the entrepreneur-investor relationship over the entire early-stage life-cycle.”

About Verve Capital Partners Ltd. and
Verve Capital Partners Ltd. operates, a disruptive early-stage and equity gap financier. Based in Zug, Switzerland, Verve Capital Partners was launched in December 2007, with the aim to develop and implement innovative financing concepts for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) while connecting private investors directly to SME investments. Since February 2010, Verve Capital Partners operates a new, agile form of financing, combining best practices of traditional venture capital with e-finance and social media. Verve Capital Partners delivers its services together with its strong network of entrepreneurs, investors, experts and partners.

Steffen Wagner Managing Partner, Verve Capital Partners Ltd. Email: Web:
Phone: +41 44 3802935


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