European startup monitor calls for participation in the 3rd survey

06.03.2018 16:51

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The European Start-up Monitor invites startups to participate in the survey for the 2018 edition of the Start-up Monitor. The survey seeks to provide transparency and improvements for the European start-up ecosystem.

The European Commission supported by the European Startup Network has launched the 3rd call for participation in the 2018 European Start-up monitor (ESM) survey. The survey gathers information about start-ups in the European ecosystem in collaboration with partners from all over Europe including Switzerland

The objective of the study is to gain detailed insights on the setting, status-quo, environment, visions, and hurdles of startups. The results will be used to promote transparency for the start-up environment, identify country specific and common challenges of the start-up landscape in Europe beyond the tech and digital sector, as well as to show and highlight specific developments over time.

The previous edition was facilitated by 2,515 start-ups from 18 different countries, including Switzerland which was represented by 105 startups. This year, the ESM project team calls for more participation from Swiss startups from all sectors and regions so as to cover the entire Swiss startup ecosystem. The results of the survey will be provided after the study has been closed.

Further information and survey link are available at the ESM website.


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