Bcomp and Electric GT to develop the most sustainable racing car

10.03.2017 08:34

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Bcomp Racing Car

Bcomp, a Fribourg-based startup specialising in natural fibre composite, announces its partnership with the famous female US car racer and environmental activist Leilani Münter and the Tesla-based Electric GT World Series. The partnership will foster sustainable mobility for the future. In addition, Leilani will be an ambassador for Bcomp and its products.

Until now the Bcomp has been focusing on its three core products; ampliTex, bCores and PowerRibs, which are all based on natural fibres. After successfully establishing the products in the market, the startup has started its expansion into the mobility sector, focusing on motorsports, automotive interior- and aerospace sectors.

Bcomp today announced that it has partnered with Electric GT to develop the most sustainable super car GT for the best US female race car driver, Leilani Münter. Bcomp will use its PowerRibs technology in this project. The powerRibs technology, providing a unique performance-per-weight ratio, is used in various parts such as the roof and the hood. Marrying the outstanding properties of flax fibers with an innovative preform design, the powerRibs technology allows weight savings of up to 40 % in single skin composite shell applications. Simultaneously, material cost and ecological footprint are significantly reduced.

“Our customers can either choose to reduce weight of their benchmark carbon or carbon/glass laminates by up to 40%, or reach higher stiffness for the same part’s weight, all of this at reduced costs. Furthermore, this novel material solution protects drivers and tires by replacing the sharp shattering carbon with much safer on damage flax reinforcements. Finally, structural damping is significantly increased by honing natural fibres’ intrinsically high vibration absorption properties”, says Patrick Vuagnat, Manager Sports at Bcomp. In addition, our Thermoplastic powerRibs for automotive interiors, allow for significant light-weighting, and integrating unique design options in a one-step production technology.

Bcomp to launch two composite kits featuring the powerRibs technology
At JEC World 2017 in Paris, Bcomp will launch two composite preform kits called pRace – F01 and pRace – C01, namely a full flax- and a hybrid carbon-flax laminate, which was developed in collaboration with the European Space Agency ESA. Both feature the powerRibs technology, resulting in stiff and lightweight solutions for automotive race body parts. Available in either prepreg form or dry fabrics for infusion processing, Bcomp’s fabrics are easy to use and do not require resin-hungry bleeders or flow media for processing.

Bcomp introduces it ambassador
Bcomp is proud to announce that Leilani will be an ambassador for the young Swiss company and its innovative products. Leilani Münter is a biology graduate, race car driver and environmental activist. She believes it is essential for humans to adapt and evolve the way we are living to a sustainable way that does not destroy the world around us. Leilani is an advocate for renewable energy, solar power, electric cars, plant-based diet and animals.

About EGT
The Electric GT Championship is motorsport for the 21st century, that presents the clean energy and clean transport future to the World, and that excites and inspires us all as society enters into a new age of abundance; The Age of Light. Electric GT World Series, the first ever 100% zero emissions super car GT championship, has chosen the Tesla Motors Model S version P100DL as base model for the 10 teams that will compete during the first season starting 2017.


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