Hot drone start-ups looking for investors

14.03.2017 15:01

Companies such as Flyability and Fotokite are causing stirs around the world on a regularly basis. Know these start-ups present at the 34th SICTIC Investor Day together with five other selected startups specialising in unmanned aerial vehicles, drone and traveltech such as Skypull, Nezasa and Open Stratosphere on March 28th in Geneva.

Unmanned aerial vehicles hold great promise for growth in the aviation sector, where technical innovations will lead to new commercial applications with attractive return on investments and wide public visibility. The SICTIC team has dedicated the 34th Investor day to showcase some of the recent developments in the aviation as well as the travel sector.

The five Swiss startups pitching at the SICTIC Investor Day are:

Flyability – Established as a spin-off from EPFL, Flyability has built safe drones that have the capability to reach the most inaccessible places during inspection. The drone has already been put to use by companies from different countries.

Fotokite – Developed by the startup Perspective Robotics, Fotokite is a very light and easy to use tethered Quadrocopter for GoPro cameras. The drone enables users to take aerial pictures whilst having full control of the drone. During the previous summer, CNN received a certificate of waiver to operate the Fotokite pro, Perspective Robotics’ tethered flying camera system for professional use cases and live broadcasting.

Skypull – The startup built an autonomous drone that transforms altitude wind power into electricity at a much lower cost than any other renewable energy source. Skypull is currently participating in the coaching program of the Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI).

Open Stratosphere – The Ecublens based startup is operating flexible Near-Space platforms, with the highest safety and efficiency for earth observation applications, environmental intelligence and communication infrastructure.

Nezasa –The Zurich based startup specialising in travel-technologies has developed an innovative travel and tour operator system. The Nezasa platform is a one-stop shop for fully customizable and personalized travel itineraries.

Two German startups will also pitch at the event. These include; Spice VR/Spherie and Wingcopter

Pic: Fotokite Facebook


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