Swiss made software: new book about the current status of fintech

15.03.2016 09:07

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In a book series “swiss made software” gives an overview of different aspects of the Swiss ICT industry. The fifth book of the series which was published recently covers fintech. Start-ups, support initiatives and trends play an important role in the book.

The global fintech trend has hit Switzerland. This is evident in the large number of new fintechs – 85 since 2012, the many new accelerators and incubators, various initiatives, and the assortment of new professional associations now representing the industry‘s interests.

But this does not mean the sun is always shining across the Swiss Alps. Switzerland’s comfortable situation is not in itself a means to maintain its position in banking and finance. The clock is now ticking for every part of the finance sector, even those that were previously isolated from the effects of digitalization. Thankfully, recent developments show that Switzerland has made the first steps.

swiss made software is trying to define the current status of this fascinating industry – an industry where global investment volumes tripled to more than 12.1 billion dollars in 2014. The book provides information on the current state of affairs in fintech, the strengths and activities of the various regions, crowdfunding, and the role played by the regulator, while also introducing stakeholders and explaining concepts like blockchain and Bitcoins. Volume 5 is rounded off with incisive specialist articles and interviews with renowned exponents of the Swiss IT industry.

The book is available in print, ePUB, PDF, and Mobi formats here.

About swiss made software
The "swiss made software" label stands for Swiss values in software development. Launched in 2007, the label now has more than 230 members, which mark their products and services with "swiss made software".


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