Nine startups selected for the next Swiss Venture Day

04.03.2016 14:10

Nine start-ups will pitch at the next Swiss Venture Day on 16 March 2016 at Technopark Zurich: AOT, BestMile, Bring!, ELSE, Fastree 3D, Flyability, Pregnolia, Sensoryx, Oviva.

Nine Swiss startups have been selected to pitch before investors at the next Swiss Venture Day by CTI Invest. There will be eight 6 minute regular pitchs and one 3 minute short pitch.

Patrick Barbey, Director of Innovaud will be present during the event and will give an introduction to Innovaud before the pitching session. After the pitching session, the General Assembly of CTI Invest will take place.

In the morning an Angel Day with the red-hot topic taxes will be held. The workshop will look into practical tax issues that business angels face when investing into start-ups. More information on the Angel Day website.

The startups are:

AOT Advanced Osteotomy Tools is Swiss Robotic Surgery Company dedicated to the development of medical devices for osteotomy pursuing the vision of contact-free bone surgery using laser, robotics and navigation systems to re-invent bone surgery (osteotomy). AOT is in an advanced stage of development of a Computer Assisted, Robot-guided Laser Osteotome named CARLO, which is continuously controlled by an integrated array of sensors to ensure safe and accurate ablation.

Bring! has developed an app that serves the role of a classic shoping list for items like grocery needs with a top-notch user experience. With one click users are able to create and share their shopping items with their friends.  

BestMile provides pioneering solutions and services for autonomous mobility. They manage driverless vehicle fleets remotely with their software. The company has signed a first commercial contract with CarPostal in November 2015.

ELSE: the Vaud-based startup specialises in electronics for the space field, with a focus on miniaturized systems. team has developed products or provided engineering work for more than 10 ESA missions, 7 nanosatellite missions, the Swiss watch industry and the Swiss transportation industry. The vision of the start-up is to build up a global, low-cost M2M service using a constellation of nanosatellites.

Since its creation, Flyability has attracted over 2.5 million CHF to bring to the market a new generation of safe drones for the inspection, exploration and reconnaissance of complex environments. Today a team of over 15 engineers, Flyability has developed the first collision-tolerant drone, which can fly in contact with structures, and which is safe to fly close to humans.

Fastree3D: The EPFL Spin off develops 3D imaging sensors that enable vehicles and machines to recognize and locate fast-moving objects in three dimensions in real-time, enabling safe and intelligent actions such as driving assistance or autonomous navigation.

Pregnolia: The 2016 founded startup is developing a diagnostic tool that measures cervical stiffness in pregnant women. Monitoring cervical stiffness allows to reliably identify women at risk of preterm birth, thus solving the long standing problem of preterm birth risk assessment and management in pregnancy.

Sensoryx is a Swiss technology startup, founded by an ETH and a HSG alumnus. Sensoryx Motion Capturing can be used for a broad range of application fields, for example to improve users’ technical skills in sports, to provide support in medical applications, the headmounted display allows immersive entertainment and Sensoryx products help users get faster and better results in their animation projects.

Selected for short pitch:

Oviva is a digital health Company dedicated to helping people with dietary-related conditions in improving their health. Built on the company's proprietary support platform, the Oviva Coach app is designed to help people with diabetes lose weight and improve their glycaemic (sugar) control, in close collaboration with their dietitian.

More information and registration on the website of CTI Invest.


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