ACL Instruments AG acquired by ReseaChem GmbH

02.03.2015 10:16

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In accordance to its growth strategy, Reseachem intends to diversificate through the acquisition of technology and product offerings. The company announced last week that it has acquired ACL Instruments AG, a start-up founded in 2008 as a spin-off company of the Bern University of Applied Sciences.

ACL Instruments provides innovative solutions for the characterization of long-term oxidative reactions in solids and liquids. Its sensitive analysis instrumentations and the individually tailored custom services are full of possibilities for industrial applications, such as stability prediction, quality assurance, F&E, safety and warranty.

“ACL Instruments believes that Reseachem’s brand and market reach will grow the market for its products. Reseachem's and ACL Instruments’ combined resources will accelerate the development and innovation. We are excited to team up with Reseachem to bring our technology to the next level. The management and the governing board are excited about the transaction and thank all the partners and supporters who have helped in the development and positioning of the company and its unique products.”, comments the team of ACL Instruments.

ACL Instruments and Reseachem will remain committed to the existing customers, products, and markets. Together with Reseachem, ACL Instruments will continue to serve its customers, support, and maintain the Chemiluminescence products and applications.

Reseachem, based in Burgdorf, is leader in chemical services, isotope and laboratory supply. The company was founded in 1996 and is privately owned.

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