Swiss National Start-up Team Ready for a Trip to the US

20.03.2014 16:11

Today, venturelab announces the names of the 20 young, promising entrepreneurs selected to join the Swiss National Startup Team. Selected out of 120 contenders, the 2014 Swiss National Startup Team will participate in the venture leaders program this June, flying to Boston and for the first time to New York. The venture leaders program offers global potential Swiss startups with a 10-day business development training based in the US.

The venture leaders program is a cornerstone behind the success of numerous Swiss startups over the past 13 years. In total, 253 venture leaders alumni raised CHF 525 million and created more than 3,500 qualified jobs. More than 50 venture leaders alumni were listed among Switzerland’s 2013 TOP 100 Startup Ranking, with 9 in the TOP 10. Above all, they are growing global businesses and making the world a better place. With their innovations, the venture leaders alumni address global challenges like fighting inflammatory diseases and cancer (Covagen), revolutionizing the drug development (InSphero) or helping amputees in low-income areas walk again (SwissLeg).

20 Swiss startups ready to take over the U.S. market
This year’s team encompasses a large array of high-tech startups with activities ranging from recovering paraplegic patients’ locomotion to an insect-inspired micro-drone.
“venture leaders has been an instrumental program to identify and promote some of the most promising startups in Switzerland. The team of 20 talented individual entrepreneurs active in all innovative fields ranging from biotech to IT is a unique display and promotion for the numerous high potential startups created every year in Switzerland. I am very much looking forward to be not only in Boston but also in New York this year, bringing a new dimension to this incredible program,” said Jordi Montserrat, Managing Director for venturelab western Switzerland.

This year’s trip and business development program, which are worth the equivalent of CHF 10,000 per participant, were made possible thanks to the support from PSE Parc scientifique, the EPFL Lausanne, Canton de Vaud, Switzerland Global Enterprise, ETH Zürich and CTI. IMMOMIG and Preclin Biosystems, both members of the Swiss national startup team in 2007 and 2008, will also be supporting the initiative, setting a valued precedent of former alumni giving back to the Swiss startup community. The long-time partners swissnex Boston and “Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year program” have also renewed their support.

venture leaders winners 2014:

Keith Gunura, noonee – Mechatronics
noonee provides a wearable technology which enables factory workers to relax their muscles and sit down during work - without the need for a chair. The device is worn on the legs and allows the user freedom sit as well as walk or run.

Eric Tremblay, Composyt Light Labs– Electronics
Composyt Light Labs is developing wearable display technology for see-through augmented reality in unobtrusive conventional eyewear.

Ata Tuna Ciftlik, Lunaphore– MedTech
Lunaphore has developed an innovative tumor analysis and classification platform with the potential to be a disruptive alternative to classical immunohistochemistry.

Andreas Guggenbuehl, Selfnation - Internet
Selfnation offers mass customized, perfectly fitting jeans with online 3D visualization technologies and highly automated production processes.

Luc Gervais, One Drop Diagnostics Sàrl – Medtech
One Drop Diagnostics has developed a mobile medical diagnostics device that could revolutionize medicine by providing laboratory quality diagnostics at the patient’s side, at the doctor’s office or at home.

Gregory Barbezat, Skiioo SA – Software
Skiioo offers easy access to partnered ski resorts with a single keycard that calculates the best rates based on your skiing habits. It collects RFID, GSM data to create a dynamic pricing system and connect ski resort to resellers to be the next GDS.

James Chiang, Eturnity – Cleantech
Eturnity has developed an intelligent tool that allows homeowners to tailor a unique solar power plant design to their specific daily consumption profile.

Alejandro Ojeda Gonzalez-Posada, Printed Technologies – Materials (no website)
Printed Technologies is developing high security keys/locks that cannot be illegally duplicated.

Daniel Lawniczak, Sanovation AG – Software / Medtech
Sanovation AG has developed the app CatchMyPain which allows chronic pain patients to visualize their pain and to learn from similar patients around the world.

Vincent Delattre, G-Therapeutics – Medtech (no website)
G-Therapeutics is developing an implantable stimulation system and a robot-assisted training program to rehabilitate individuals with spinal cord injury.

Patrick Thévoz, Gimball –Robotics
Gimball is an insect-inspired micro-drone which can collide on obstacles and continue its flight undisturbed. It opens new horizons for robots in search and rescue, industrial inspection, law enforcement, entertainment and communication.

Corey Houle, TwingTec AG – Cleantech
TwingTec can generate mechanical energy by flying controlled cycles with tethered wings (or Twings) and transforms it into electrical energy with a ground based generator.

Sébastien Flury, Coteries Sàrl – Mobile
The Rolex of mobile apps for musicians creates value for both the artist and the fan by driving fan engagement, ownership of the community and new revenue streams for the artists.

Robert Meissner, OncoEffective – Biotech (no website)
It is currently not possible to know ahead of chemotherapy which treatment is the best for a specific cancer patient without trial and error. OncoEffective removes uncertainty and provides a quick treatment recommendation.

Vincent Forster, Versantis – Biotech
Versantis is developing versatile antidotes, capable of removing diverse toxic agents from the organism and save patients from metabolic, medicine and drug overdoses.

Justin Picard, Scantrust SA – Software
ScanTrust’s mission is to combat counterfeiting. The startup sells to brand owners a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution which empowers consumers to verify the authenticity of a product, by scanning it with their smartphone.

Boris Danev, 3db Access AG – Electronics
3db provides a proximity verification technology for next generation keyless access systems. The technology allows establishing a secure proof of distance to the centimeter between two wireless devices for ultimately secure and convenient access to assets.

Mattias Ivarsson, Inositec – Biotech (no website)
Inositec will pursue the preclinical and early clinical development of a novel non-antibiotic treatment against Clostridium difficile infection. Clostridium difficile is the leading cause of potentially deadly gastro-intestinal infections caused by antibiotic treatment in healthcare settings.

Borislava Palanchova, audiolize GmbH – Internet is a marketplace for audio versions of online articles, read aloud and recorded by a network of contributors. It offers higher comfort and mobility to newspaper readers, travellers and an additional revenue source to the online newspapers.

Arthur Queval, Qloudlab SA – Medtech
Qloudlab is the inventor and patent holder of the world’s first touchscreen-based biosensor with is able to turn smartphones into a medical device for blood diagnostics testing.

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