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Artmyn closes Series A round

08.06.2018 13:24

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EPFL startup Artmyn, developing technological tools dedicated to the arts ecosystem, has finalized a Series A funding with strategic international investors. The funds will be used to accelerate the implementation of its scanners in different continents.

Artmyn's unique technology makes it possible to digitize works of art in order to create 5D images and 1.5billion pixels immersive films. This level of resolution, never reached before, allows individuals to obtain real digital twins of the original works for interaction.

This result will revolutionize the way auction sales are promoted since it gives the impression of "touching" the works with the eyes, allowing them to be manipulated remotely, and allowing users to (re)discover their texture as well as the slightest nuances, in visible light or under ultraviolet radiation.

With the collaboration of art restorer Pierre-Antoine Héritier, Artmyn has also developed a new generation of screen-based analysis tools. An algorithm compares the data generated during scans and automatically detects the slightest damage or any potential restorations. On the security front, the equivalent of the DNA of each artwork is captured to make it unfalsifiable.

As for the first "Biometric Art Passport", a highly secure digital document, it protects all this information and brings a new standard of transparency to the market, without compromising the confidentiality of collectors.

Thanks to the completion of the series A financing round, Artmyn is now aiming at expanding its global reach. The proceeds will be used to accelerate the implementation is its scanners in several continents via auction houses, transport companies or free ports.

In addition to the funding, Artmyn welcomes Gregoire Debuire to its team as Chief Business Development Officer. The Auctioneer, active on the art market for twenty years, contributed to the development of Pierre Bergé & Associés in Brussels, before joining Christie's where he managed the regions and the inventory department for six years.

"The art market is only just starting its transition to digital. Artmyn technology, with its ability to respond to the many challenges which I identified throughout my career and its potential for future development, immediately attracted me," said Debuire.

"This technology will allow experts and owners to have a very precise material appreciation of the pictorial surface of a work, thus allowing a certification of its condition at the exact moment of the scan, and throughout its life - an amazing tool that ensures and protects the integrity of the works, " said Pierre-Antoine Héritier.

In collaboration with the Geneva Free Port, Artmyn will inaugurate in the forthcoming weeks a scanning center open to collectors wishing to secure their works with this technology. To accelerate its international development, another strategic partnership with a major player in the art market will be announced shortly.

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