Orbiwise supports new Argentinian IOT Network

19.06.2017 08:48

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Buenos Aires

Inversiones Condor, a strong player in telecommunications and technology in Argentina and South America, launches its Internet of Things Network. The plan to cover the whole country by July 2018. One of the partners supporting ICondor is the Swiss company Orbiwise.

ICondor (Inversiones Condor) has a rich history in communications and was an innovator in cellular having created what is now the Movistar Network (MOVICOM), also the Claro (America Movil) Mobile Network. This innovative spirit is now being applied to create an Argentinian and South American nationwide IoT Network, based on LoRaWAN ICondor's Argentinian LoRaWAN Network coverage. The coverage will begin in Buenos Aires and Rosario, the first cities in an ambitious plan to cover the whole country by July 2018. ICondor will serve many of the typical markets for IoT including asset tracking, metering, smart city and smart home applications, smart agriculture -- just to name a few.

ICondor has received an excellent support from a number of key LoRa Alliance members starting their LoRaWAN Network -- including Semtech (chipsets) and OrbiWise (network server). The LoRa Alliance is the official organization that promotes LoRaWAN globally and maintains and updates the LoRaWAN specification. The LoRa Alliance is comprised of over 460 member companies located throughout the globe.

"OrbiWise is very proud to be helping ICondor become the first dedicated IoT operator in Argentina and South America, based on LoRa Technology. ICondor is a great partner to work with and their entrepreneurial spirit really meshes well with the beliefs of OrbiWise," commented Domenico Arpaia, CEO of OrbiWise.


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