Kandou Bus wins ACES Award

07.06.2013 12:07

The ACES now in their fifth year are the only pan-European awards for enterprise in university and public research institutes. The winners of the ACES Awards 2013 were announced recently. Among them is Kandou Bus.

Kandou Bus is a semiconductor company specializing in the design of high-speed, pin-efficient, energy-efficient serial links, SerDes, and associated technologies. The company, founded in 2011, has developed a unique approach to serial link design that increases the bit-rate and the reach for a given physical communications link and reduces the power consumption. As a result, more bits can be sent per unit of energy, or less energy can be used to achieve a given bit rate. Kandou Bus has won the ACES ICT Award.

Kandou Bus is a spin-off from EPFL just like Osmoblue, the second Swiss finalist of the ACES Awards. The start-up provides a sustainable and profitable solution to industries to recycle their waste heat. Osmoblue is the Runner-up of the Energy and Environment Award.  

The ACES Awards give public recognition to those researchers, engineers, professors, students and government officials in Europe who have done the most to foster a culture of enterprise on campus. This can be through taking the risk of launching a spinout company, developing a discovery into a marketable innovation, or promoting policies that create a receptive environment for entrepreneurship on campus. They draw nominations from all sectors, disciplines and countries in Europe, and are judged by the Science|Business Innovation Board, a leadership panel co-founded by Science|Business, business schools INSEAD and ESADE, in association with Microsoft and BP.

The full list of finalists has been published by EPFL.

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