Startup enables tracking digital footprint

11.07.2018 09:10
Mobile App

One.Thing.Less has developed an app that enables users to inquire about the usage of their personal data from companies. Over 20’000 individuals have submitted their queries through the app since the launch at the end of May.

One.Thing.Less launched on 25 May this year, the same time when the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was enacted.  The startup developed an app for IOS and Android mobile phones to give individuals the opportunity to ask companies about how they use their data as well to ask them to respond accordingly faster, efficiently, and more securely.

The App contains seven specific questions related to how the companies their customers’ personal information. After submitting the questions, the app provides a real-time overview of all active requests and once a response is received, the user is notified. The company’s response then determine s whether the customer asks for action regarding their personal data usage, at no cost.

The startup, on the other hand, acts an intermediary between companies and individuals by contacting companies on individuals’ behalf asking them to respond and take action. The startup also helps companies to answer questions in an efficiently and secure way, which results in trust building between the two parties.

According to James Aschberger, Founder & CEO of One.Thing.Less, “Data protection laws are the frameworks that companies have to comply to, which includes that legitimate requests by data subjects are responded to”. “We believe that privacy and one’s ability to take control over the use of your personal data should be fundamental human rights, so individuals should not be charged for it”.

One.Thing.Less counts 60 companies in its databank, which individuals can contact. Following its launch, the startup has issued more than 20'000 data subject requests to the companies, and the numbers are growing.


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