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Peerspoint signs pre-seed investment with Leading Swiss AI Company

10.01.2019 11:54
Sports computer
Peerspoint SA, today announced it is venturing with Business Investigation SA to adapt and deploy their machine learning and predictive analysis solution across the sport and leisure industries. Business Investigation is willing to invest into this development CHF 570’000, backed-up by a convertible note.

The intention of both companies is to merge acquired knowledge to develop and launch a specific solution, integrating blockchain technology, and made for the sport and leisure industries. The co-joint developed Peerspoint GPS software will be internationally distributed across Clubs, Leagues, Federations, International Federations and betting companies. 

Business Investigations Global Perfomance System (GPS) is an artificial intelligence-based solution that uses Machine Learning algorithms to optimise performance and risk management. Its innovative methodology enables GPS to more acutely understand the dynamics of an organisation, increase the ability of decision-makers to take appropriate action and stimulate the overall performance of a company.

Peerspoint can now remove key pain points from the sport and leisure industries, thanks to data. To achieve this, the company will be offering:

  • White label software to administrate stakeholders & championship of any given federated organization.
  • Predictive software for Clubs, Leagues, National/International Federations, Agents and Agencies aiming to 1) hire best Athletes (Upcoming, Pros) prior and during ”mercato / scouting” periods 2) Pre-generate ideal teamsheet for the upcoming game, and prepare next season team scouting. 3) Refine betting to increase users chance of success.

Mr. Laurent Manca, Founder of Peerspoint SA, “This partnership with Business Investigation SA, will accelerate significantly our growth as we are now able to deliver desired solutions to Professional Clubs, Leagues, Federations, International Federations, Agents, and betting companies”. 

Mr. Bruno Ciroussel President of Business Investigation SA ”We are willing to invest in Peerspoint SA, an upcoming Swiss startup, due to their market access to the sport and leisure industries, and very important for us, to start to integrate blockchain technology within our current and upcoming solution; we aim for a long term relationship and Peerspoint looks like a promising investment. We are very complimentary and that was the trigger to the decision.” 

A busy new year for Peerspoint 

As Laurent Manca explains the new investment makes Peerspoint SA a top Swiss pre-seed startup, valued at CHF 2.9M. And the coming year will be very active for the company based at Y-Parc. The start-up will be launching its seed round on January 14th.

On the product front, the white label software for Leagues and Federations administration launch will follow in Q3. The Predictive software for Pro Clubs, Agents, and Betting Agencies is set for launch in Q4. Major revenue increase, members growth, and international launches are expected. 

(Press release - ES)

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