Switzerland regarded as one of the leading deep tech nations

Stefan Kyora

12.01.2018 10:56

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Wavestone, a leading independent player in European consulting, has published a new report about deep tech based on an online survey and interviews with entrepreneurs, research centers, and experts. Results for Switzerland are encouraging.

Since the 2000s, start-ups have established themselves as a new ecosystem for innovation. But, some way from this dense and competitive universe, the Deep Techs are creating new solutions based on disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence and big data, virtual and augmented reality, connected objects, and micro and nanotechnologies. As a result, they are attracting more and more attention from investors looking for the next wave of investments.

A new report by Wavestone conducted with 107 investors, sheds light on this clear trend, and provides an overview of the international dynamic that surrounds Deep Techs. The report is interesting because it shows the image of the different countries in the European investor and tech community. Results for Switzerland are again encouraging. There is already a good basis for positiong Switzerland as Deep Tech Nation.

According to the study investors put priority on talent when considering investing in Deep Techs. And in this regard investors view Switzerland as one of the most attractive countries. Asked which countries have the strongest talent pool for Deep Tech start-upsrespondents ranked Switzerland sixth ahead of countries such as Germany, Sweden or Singapore.

Talent basePlease select the top 5 countries which you believe have the strongest talent pool for Deep Tech start-ups?  (Source: Wavestone, Deep Tech Global Investor Survey (2017).

Switzerland ranks seventh with regard to access to capital for deep tech.


Please select the top 3 countries which you believe have the best access to finance for Deep Tech start-ups. (Source: Wavestone Deep Tech Global Investor Survey 2017.) 

The study was based on an online questionnaire - distributed between October 5 and December 1, 2017 - and interviews with entrepreneurs, research centers, and experts. 107 investors completed the online questionnaire, representing a total of €33bn assets under management. Distribution of investors surveyed: 57% were based in France, 16% in the US, 9% in the UK, 18% in other countries.

Wavestone draws on some 2,600 employees across four continents. It is a leading independent player in European consulting, and the number one in France.

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