SGS Grants CHF 3 Million Loan to Sensima Inspection

05.01.2017 10:20

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The EPF Lausanne spinoff Sensima Inspection, specialising in advanced electro-magnetic solutions for non-destructive testing, has received a CHF 3 million loan from the Swiss product inspecting group SGS, as part of a new partnership. The goal of the partnership is to form a new IoT player specializing in the maintenance of industrial assets.

Sensima  Inspection provides testing services and equipment using a proprietary core technology based on electromagnetic response measurements (Eddy Currents), for non-destructive testing applications and quality control, with a focus on crack detection, sizing, and monitoring in metallic components. Sensima’s products allow for improved performance, reduced equipment size and weight, and facilitate integration in and interfacing with inspection systems.

The startup has today entered into partnership with SGS, a Geneva-based inspection, verification, testing and certification company operating a network of over 1,800 offices and laboratories worldwide. SGS has also granted Sensima a CHF 3 million loan to Sensima as part of their partnership. The close collaboration and funding will aid the development and implementation of permanent, sensor-based asset integrity management solutions for industrial applications, in particular for infrastructures.

“This partnership will help to form a new IoT player specializing in the maintenance of industrial assets,” said Frankie Ng, CEO of SGS. “It is aligned with our TIC 4.0 strategic initiative on digitalization and data, and particularly with the partnership initiated last year with Savi Technology. We will continue to collaborate with selected technology providers, enhancing our services and broadening our scope.”


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