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Artmyn’s technology will bring highlights from Sotheby’s to life in a unique way

27.01.2017 09:33

Sotheby’s announces an exclusive collaboration with Artmyn, the startup from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, to apply their pioneering scanning and display technology to major highlights of Sotheby’s spring and summer 2017 auctions.

Through the development of a new generation of scanners and algorithms, ARTMYN can create unique, interactive, 5D images that provide an unprecedented visual experience by bringing to life the artwork’s texture and composition. Select works from upcoming sales in New York and London will be scanned using ARTMYN’s technology and the multi-dimensional images will be available through Sotheby’s website, mobile, and television apps.

ARTMYN participated in the recent World Economic Forum in Davos presenting the results of their collaboration with The Bodmer Foundation, which brought to life many of the renowned institutions greatest treasures. You can learn more here

“We are focused on creating the best experience for our clients and ARTMYN’s technology has the power to redefine the way they interact with art online,” commented David Goodman, Sotheby’s Executive Vice President, Digital Development & Marketing. “We are excited to bring their innovations to a global audience providing a unique experience around our major upcoming auctions.”

Alexandre Catsicas, ARTMYN Co-founder & CEO added: "We are absolutely thrilled to collaborate with an institution as prestigious and innovative as Sotheby's. Collectors from all around the world will now be able to explore treasures as if the originals were in their very own hands."

The ARTMYN scanner is custom-built and portable. Highlights from the upcoming auctions will be scanned on-site at Sotheby’s locations in New York and London. During the scanning of a work of art, ARTMYN’s scanner captures gigabytes of data using different light sources. That data, which consists of thousands of photographs, is then processed using sophisticated algorithms. The final result can be experienced from any mobile device, including smart phones and tablets.

In addition to the Google-Focused Research Award, ARTMYN was recently honored with a feasibility grant from the Commission for Technology and Innovation - the investment branch of the Swiss government that supports innovative projects with strong R&D focuses. The company also won the prestigious IMD Business School Startup Competition, an award that led to a significant investment from Silicon Valley.

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