The Swiss Venture Capital Report 2016 is out

Stefan Kyora

26.01.2016 10:47

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The fourth Swiss Venture Capital Report provides a comprehensive analysis of investment in Swiss start-up companies over the past year, with 120 rounds of financing listed and analysed. You can download the full report here.

With 120 financing rounds and a volume of more than CHF 670 million, 2015 saw the start-up scene in Switzerland take a significant step forward. Swiss start-ups generated 47.9% more funds than in 2014. The number of rounds increased by 30.4% from 92 to 120. The end result in the medium term is very gratifying. In 2012, a total of CHF316 million was invested; since then, it has more than doubled with an increase of 114%.

The upswing in 2015 was broad-based with a contribution from all sectors. The largest increase was generated by more life sciences start-ups – in biotech in particular. The capital invested in this area has increased by almost two thirds, up from CHF89.6 million to CHF310.7 million. After two years of slight decline, ICT start-ups rose again with a significant turnaround: the sector (including fintech) rose by 50%, from CHF 86.3 million in 2014 to CHF 129.3 million in 2015.

Weaknesses mitigated
Figures for the IT sector are not the only example that in 2015 the typical weaknesses of Switzerland occurred less. After the average very small rounds of financing of 2014, in 2015 the median of all investments increased from CHF1.8 million to CHF2.55 million. In addition, the number of rounds of between CHF2 million and CHF10 million, which traditionally are difficult to complete in Switzerland, increased from 19 to 27.

Analysis of the figures by canton shows Vaud and Zurich at the top again. After 2014 when Vaud was the clear leader in sums invested, the two cantons are now on a par with CHF 173 million each. But the regional analysis also shows a particularly positive image of the other cantons, where hitherto little venture capital has flowed. Their share in 2014 stood at 28%, rising in 2015 to 49%, with the amount more than doubling from CHF126.8 million to CHF329.5 million. This increase was broadly based: Geneva, Basel and Zug grew significantly both in the amount of invested funds and in the number of financing rounds.


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