Incubator programme for St. Gallen and ETH start-ups

Stefan Kyora

04.01.2016 09:25
Incubator St. Gallen

The incubator programme started at the University of St. Gallen last year has now been greatly expanded and is also open to ETH start-ups.

An incubator programme, organised by students was started in St. Gallen for the first time last year. The organisation behind it, the Young Entrepreneurs Club, has now merged with STARTglobal. One branch of the new organisation is START Entrepreneurs, the members of which will organise the start-up incubator in 2016.

The programme kicks off on 25 February and ends with an Investor Day on 18 May. On offer are coaching, office space, workshops and contact with other young businesses. Registration is now open for start-ups from the University of St. Gallen and ETH Zurich, and projects from all sectors are welcome.

The programme has been expanded significantly from its first incarnation last year. The most important points include:

• Mentoring has been greatly expanded and each start-up is matched directly with a coach, with expert coaches for very specific questions.

• There will be two bootcamps, and the STARTsummit is actively incorporated into the programme.

• Thanks to a collaboration with ETH’s Entrepreneur Club, the incubator is also open to ETH start-ups.

• Partner STARTFELD will award a prize worth more than CHF10,000.

More information and registration on the incubator’s website:

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