Financial support for NBE-Therapeutics’ R&D project

19.01.2016 10:58

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NBE-Therapeutics and the group of Prof. Zaborosch at Zurich School of Applied Sciences (ZHAW), Wädenswil, have announced the award of a CHF 1.1 Mio grant from the Swiss Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI) for their joint project.

The collaboration is aimed at the optimization of Antibody Drug Conjugate (ADC) lead candidates for clinical development and commercial scale production in the indications of multiple myeloma and lung cancer. The collaboration combines the expertises of both partners in the development of highly potent, site-specifically conjugated ADCs for cancer therapies (NBE-Therapeutics) and in the analytical assessment and optimization of developability parameters of selected ADC lead candidates (Prof. Zaborosch).

This collaboration supported by CTI will expedite the selection of the best ADC lead candidates from NBE-Therapeutics' ADC target programs ensuring that ADC lead candidates selected for clinical trials exhibit optimal developability and safety profiles for commercial scale production and clinical development, respectively.

Prof. Zaborosch's team has a proven track-record in working with leading biopharmaceutical companies in the area of optimizing developability parameters of biological drugs that can readily be applied for NBE-Therapeutics' next-generation ADC candidates for cancer treatment. NBE-Therapeutics will obtain exclusive commercialization rights for all optimized ADC products developed for the use in the clinic and for the treatment of cancer patients.

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