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KeyLemon Teams Up With SoftKinetic

23.01.2014 08:01

KeyLemon launches a new face recognition system using wide-spectrum cameras and delivering unprecedented accuracy and security.

KeyLemon, pioneering provider of biometric ID and motion analysis technologies, announced a new wide-spectrum facial recognition system developed with leading 3D vision provider SoftKinetic. Analyzing incoming data using both visible light and infrared cameras in parallel, this innovative technology accurately identifies faces in most lighting conditions and is highly resistant to ID spoofing attacks using photos and videos.

Although facial recognition technology has existed for years, it has always been plagued by an inability to generate reliable results when light levels are low, in the presence of strong backlight and sidelight, and when lighting levels and types change between authentication attempts. KeyLemon’s new solution virtually eliminates these problems using visible light and infrared imaging working in tandem. By combining these data streams and matching faces on 20 points of comparison, KeyLemon’s advanced face ID algorithms deliver accurate, dependable results indoors and outdoors across a range of natural and artificial lighting conditions. The system even works reliably in low-light environments that have proved all but impossible for legacy face recognition systems.

KeyLemon’s solution also thwarts photo and video ID spoofing attempts with its dualcamera imaging technology, which intelligently evaluates input for infrared heat signatures. If this data is not present or doesn’t precisely match collected visible light data, access is denied, further protecting data and devices from would-be hackers, all without inconveniencing legitimate users.

“This technology gives users high security without headaches,” said Gilles Florey, KeyLemon co-founder and CEO. “Since our dual-camera face ID system operates continuously, in the background and without any interaction required, users forget it’s even there, protecting their data 24/7. And that’s always been a top priority for us. In our view, technology that gets out of your way is the best technology of all.”

"Secure, fast and reliable face identification is an excellent use of 3D technology and our DepthSense camera," said Eric Krzeslo, chief marketing officer at SoftKinetic. "By combining 3D and infrared (IR) data with face recognition technology, individuals and enterprises who require the highest level of security now have an excellent solution."

“The uses for this technology are nearly limitless, from consumer devices to enterprise, automotive, medical, online banking, and countless other applications,” said Mr. Florey. “We are very excited to partner with SoftKinetic in bringing this new face ID system to our customers, and we can’t wait to see how they’ll put it to work in their industries.”

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