SpacePharma’s satellite launched aboard an Indian rocket

16.02.2017 13:39

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The Swiss based start-up SpacePharma completed the first step in securing a new platform for affordable access to microgravity.

Officials with SpacePharma SA, a world leader in providing simplified, high-value microgravity services, issued the following statement on the successful launch of the Indian Space Research Organisation’s PSLV-C37 rocket, which carried SpacePharma’s DIDO nanosatellite – one of 101 nanosatellites on board:

“Today’s launch marks an important milestone in SpacePharma’s quest to offer researchers affordable access to microgravity through multiple platforms,” said Yossi Yamin, founder of SpacePharma SA. “The rocket carried our newest platform, a nanosatellite named DIDO. This nanosatellite is equipped with mGnify, our proprietary miniaturized, end-to-end laboratory that allows researchers to remotely control vital scientific experiments anywhere from Earth. We plan to establish communication with DIDO in a few days, which then sets the stage for full activation of mGnify shortly thereafter. Once fully activated, our science customers will be able to fully control their on-board experiments and receive valuable scientific data directly on the device of their choice.”

SpacePharma SA is a world leader in providing simplified, high-value, end-to-end microgravity services and solutions for research. Headquartered in Switzerland, the company’s diverse team of professionals also operate an R&D division in Israel and its U.S. subsidiary based in Palo Alto, Calif.

(Press release)

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