New Tender for CTI Entrepreneurship Modules 3 and 4

17.02.2017 11:50

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In its CTI Entrepreneurship training programme the CTI offers courses for the business men and women of tomorrow. The programme is divided into four integrated modules. The courses in module 3 and 4 should continue after 2018, but be adapted with a stronger sector-specific focus. Potential service providers can submit their bids until 7 April 2017.

The courses should not only teach the fundamentals, but also provide specific support in the shape of coaching. The course organisers achieve this by using inspiring trainers and coaches with expert knowledge and a wealth of practical experience. If necessary, the coaches from the CTI Start-up network can be involved at early stage to support start-ups during the modules.

New for 2018, modules 3 and 4 will only be offered as sector-specific courses for five different clusters. To achieve the greatest possible homogeneity among course participants, the content will be tailored to the following groups (clusters):

  1. ICT (Internet applications, software, etc.)
  2. Advanced Engineering (micro, nano, materials science, robotics, climate/energy)
  3. Biotechnology/Pharmaceuticals
  4. Medical Technology (medtech, devices, mobile health)
  5. Social Entrepreneurship

Service providers are being sought for the period 2018-2024. Course modules 1 and 2 do not form part of the invitation to tender as the existing tender runs until the end of 2019.

Planned timetable:

Publication of tender documentation at

Questions regarding the invitation to tender at
17.2. – 10.3.2017

Deadline for submission of bids:

Evaluation of bids:
April 2017

Presentations by bidders at the CTI:
3.5. and 4.5.2017

Award of bid:

Courses start:
from January 2018

Tender on simap

On search for 17089

you will find as of Feb 17, 2017 the rules governing the selection procedure and the accompanying documentation can be downloaded here (only available in German).

The invitation to tender is divided into four lots:

CTI tender lots

(Press release)

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