Better together: accelerators from Zurich and Geneva join forces

29.02.2016 09:25

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The Geneva based Fintech Accelerator Fusion and the Zurich based Accelerator Swiss Start Up Factory announced a partnership today. The accelerators will collaborate on the startup pre-selection process, startup acceleration, cooperation with universities, mentor network exchange, joint events, and shared office space for startups.

Fusion and Swiss Start Up Factory commence as of today a close cooperation in order to build a unique bridge between the French and the Swiss German parts of Switzerland. Both independent accelerators complement each other very well in their goal orientation and set up. The accelerators assist the startups from early stage ideas to prototyping, so they can smoothly hand over and go to beta testing and market entry. The main focus of the partnership will be Fintech, but other ICT topics will be included. In joining forces the accelerators will collaborate on the startup pre-selection process, startup acceleration, cooperation with universities, mentor network exchange, joint events, and shared office space for startups.

As Guillaume Dubray, Founder of Fintech Fusion, points out, "the digital transformation is everywhere. Switzerland, a leader in innovation, provides excellent conditions for new and existing entrepreneurs to thrive. Startups have a large choice of development programs, Startup Hubs, and coaching platforms. With our new partner, the Swiss Start Up Factory, our vision is to foster collaboration between the strongest business driven innovation platforms in Switzerland.”

In adding to Mr. Dubray's comments Mike Baur, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Swiss Start Up Factory, says, "due to the linguistic diversity and the cantonal and regional separation, Switzerland often lacks effective efforts to concentrate these very strengths and resources. The partnership between Fusion and Swiss Start Up Factory is the first that transcends the aforementioned barriers by bringing together two independent accelerators from diverse linguistic and geographical regions. This is just the beginning of strengthening the Swiss Startup ecosystem by fostering collaboration between regional players."

About Fusion
Launched in 2015, FUSION capitalizes on Switzerland’s position as a global hub for financial services as well as its world-beating reputation for innovation to drive the fintech agenda. The aim of FUSION is to fuse the best of Switzerland with the most promising fintech talent to lead innovation in financial services.

FUSION’s approach is rooted in collaboration. Corporate members and mentors are drawn from all areas of financial services, such as banking, insurance and commodity trading. FUSION has academic sponsorship from some of world’s top engineering research institutes and involvement from venture capital funds, which will syndicate funding. FUSION hosts start-ups from all over the world.

About Swiss Startup Factory
Launched in 2014, the Swiss Start Up Factory (SSUF) is a Zurich-based Accelerator looking for thriving digital entrepreneurs. The Swiss Start Up Factory runs a three month-long Startup Accelerator program in which they provide a unique platform of services, financing, coaching, mentoring, office space in the heart of Zurich, and an extensive entrepreneurial network. The SSUF winter batch 2016 started on the 18th January 2016 and will end with the demo day on the 15th of April 2016.

(Press release)

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