Zurich Instruments unveils two new products at the same time

02.02.2015 08:15

Zurich Instruments, the technology leader for lock-in amplifiers, again demonstrates the fastest innovation rate in the industry and releases the specifications for two new products simultaneously.

This is the first time in the history of lock-in amplifiers that four instruments with different frequency ranges can be operated with the same software. The lock-in amplifiers from Zurich grow with the needs of the customers as they can add options to the instruments without sending them to the manufacturer, or purchase higher frequency instruments and keeping working with the same user interface. Perhaps more significantly, the time invested in programming custom configurations can be reused as the LabOne programming interface is the same for all instruments.

The MFLI Lock-in Amplifier is also ideally suited for the integration business thanks to its aspect ratio. Only one third the size of competitive instruments, opening up new footprint and packaging possibilities, it is poised to reshape the industry.

The MFLI Lock-in Amplifier is available in two variants, with a choice of two frequency ranges:

  • MFLI 500 kHz Lock-in Amplifier: DC to 500 kHz and
  • MFLI 5 MHz Lock-in Amplifier: DC to 5 MHz

Covering the medium and low frequency part of the spectrum for dynamic signal measurements, the products are equipped with an unprecedented array of features. Users will benefit from the superior performance paired with the outstanding LabOne toolset that existing Zurich Instruments customers know from our higher frequency instruments. With specifications and performance that outshine the competition, setting researchers free from outdated methodologies, Zurich Instruments is setting the new standard for lock-in amplifiers.

Andrew Turner, Technical Sales Manager, commented: “Our customers have been asking for an instrument which is targeted at a lower frequency range than our HF2LI and UHFLI products, but don’t want to compromise on performance or features. The MFLI has been developed specifically for them.” Jan Benhelm, Product Manager at Zurich Instruments, adds: “With this product introduction Zurich Instruments expands its lock-in amplifier portfolio. We are now able to offer one instrument for every decade between 500 kHz and 600 MHz to our customers".

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