CombaGroup raises CHF1.3 million

21.02.2014 13:46

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The agribusiness company CombaGroup has managed to secure CHF 1.3 million in Series A financing. Investiere contributed CHF 423’000 to this round and played a key role in structuring and executing the entire deal.

CombaGroup is marketing a cost-effective and eco-friendly solution for growing high-quality lettuce. Their mechanized, soilless method allows clients to yield significantly higher productivity gains compared to field production up to 35 times.

A few days after being launched on the investiere-platform, the minimum amount of CHF 650'000 for this investment round was reached and within weeks, the target amount of CHF 1 million was surpassed, ultimately reaching CHF 1.3 million. "In CombaGroup we were delighted with the reach of the investiere platform,” Rodney Reis, CombaGroup’s CEO, explains. “Investor interest reached 130% of our objective and we have closed our fundraising well above target. I was confident we would have a successful round, but investiere's efficiency to attract investors was much better than I had expected."

CombaGroup mandated investiere to structure this deal and offer investment advice throughout the entire process. According to Reis, "working with investiere has been a pleasure. They ran a very thorough and professional due diligence before we started, and gave us continuous support during the process, all the way to closing our first round. We definitely plan to work with them again in the future.”

These new funds will allow CombaGroup to complete building a 500 square meter pilot farm to test their production process on a larger scale.

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