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Bcomp and Iprova awarded the first CTI Start-up Labels of 2013

13.02.2013 16:44

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Bcomp, a cleantech start-up from Fribourg, and Iprova, an ICT company from Lausanne, are the first young companies awarded with the CTI Start-up label in 2013.

Quite a lot of successful start-ups are founded by people with business experience. It’s no wonder that some of the companies awarded with the CTI Start-up label belong to this category, e.g. the two companies that were awarded yesterday.
Bcomp develops and patents technologies allowing the fabrication of eco superior products from natural fibres. The products of the company replace aluminium, carbon- or glass fibre composites and make structures more efficient in terms of weight, rigidity, shock absorption, and damping. The first customers of Bcomp are from the sports industry. They won several awards with products using Bcomp’s material. At the ISPO 2013 for example Stöckli’s OTWO was awarded for the best on piste ski.
Bcomp has two Managing Directors: Cyrille Boinay and Christian Fischer: Boinay is a career entrepreneur/intrapreneur who has founded and managed several start-ups (db skis, Graphics Network, Pearlwater). In addition, he has significant experience within the consumer goods branch with the Hess group, Underberg and fenaco. Fischer is a former innovation project manager at Alcan where he was responsible for product development, technology scale-up and industrialization of novel solutions within the Cleantech, Automotive & Construction industries.
Iprova is developing novel technology for computer assisted innovation. The start-up uses this to generate valuable inventions for its customers, who in turn have an improved probability of being first to file commercially useful patents. The company has exceeded all targets set by large corporations who are taking part in its Beta pilot program.
Iprova founder and CEO Julian Nolan has a successful track record of creating, building and leading international businesses - both as independent start-ups and within corporate environments. He has worked for Honeywell, BT Group and Scipher.

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