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More investments for startups at Technopark Lucerne

29.12.2017 12:15

Besides profiting from coaching and support to transform their ideas into business, startups from Technopark Lucerne have succeeded in attracting investors. In 2017, over CHF8.5 million was invested in nine startups.

Technopark Lucerne is a home for many Lucerne based startups (from all fields of business) who are still in the process of developing their own company. As a community member of the Technopark, startups benefit from a wide array of support programs. They also get access Technopark’s network, an opportunity that allows them to connect with potential clients, partners and Investors.

This year, the networking has indeed paid off. Nine startups – four in the seed stage and five in the early stage, have been able to raise funds. A sum of CHF 8.52 was raised.

The startups include;

Amphasys is specialising in pollen analysis for the seed industry. The startup developed a label-free technology "lab-on-chip" for analysing virtually any kind of single cells and revealing characteristics such as cell size and morphology, viability or cell differentiation. The patented solution tests pollen viability to increase the yield of high quality seed and to reduce the cost of production.

Avantyard develops lifestyle products for people who are attracted to a convenient style of living. The first product is FreezyBoy, a compost bin for the kitchen that cools the kitchen waste to -5° C. The new funds come in addition to the successful crowdfunding campaign.

Probylas is develops a laser based solution for plastic welding and optimizes current process capabilities. With laser technology, the welding process can be performed very cleanly and precisely since the energy used to melt the plastic is introduced only locally at the weld seam.

Monarch developing solutions to fight Post-Surgery Impotence. It developed a chitosan-based medical device that reduces impotence by nearly half, three months following a radical prostatectomy surgery.

Magcath is developing a disposable medical device to address the problem of urinary stress incontinence among women. The startup has already conducted two clinical trials and aims for the FDA approval by 2018.

Smolsys is specialising in research and development of microsystems technology sealed in glass. Its core competences are the laser manipulation of glass for sealing gases and electronic devices.

Twentygreen produces greener feed to promote sustainable and responsible animal farming. This solution promotes healthy and fast-growing animals, whilst reducing costs, disease s and pollution.

RKLAB developed the RK Injector (RKI) fuel injection technology, a self-pressurising injector that interacts with the pressure in the combustion chamber, allowing fuel to be injected at a much higher pressure (5000+ bar) in hundreds of tiny droplets, creating the optimal conditions for combustion.

Signifikant Solutions uses modern technologies to make campaigns more efficient across all channels. The startup is developing a "campaign mixing console" with the aim of using near-real-time monitoring and control to improve the performance of marketing campaigns using different channels to optimize and determine the optimal communication mix.


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