HipSpace launches an innovative solution for managing objects on the Mac

13.12.2013 11:28

“Discover a new way of managing all your stuff on the Mac” is the slogan of HipSpace.net. The solution is based on an innovative data management method developed by Richard Chappuis. The solution can be downloaded now and tested for free during two month.

During the last decade, Richard Chappuis (founder of hipSpace) has worked on an innovative data management method totally build on time-based links allowing time-based navigation and processing: the HIP method. This method has been patented and is currently used by hipSpace application as the core component within its innovative solution for Personal Information Management. HipSpace gives to users novel functionalities such as:

  • capacity to link personal information which are usually maintained in dedicated applications
  • time-based navigation to find information that is integrated and persistent over time

HipSpace interacts with others applications without impacting their current use. It manages personal information by establishing time editable references to data fragments, namely Objects, and by establishing time editable links between Objects. hipSpace records each event (adding, removing, resizing, moving, linking, unlinking, …) made to Objects, it can unwind and wind up these events in time, like a video tape recorder. hipSpace announces new modes of interaction with computers, improving the user experience.

HipSpace was launched this week and can be downloaded from the website of the start-up. Its free for two months.

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