Stuward launches telemedicine solution for healthcare providers

24.08.2018 08:15

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Stuward has announced the launch of Stuward VÜ, a telemedicine application for healthcare providers. Well known for its technology to improve dementia care, the start-up extends today its support to independent doctors. The first feedbacks are positive.

During the past several months Stuward discovered that doctors are becoming increasingly worried that they are losing their patients to the many “direct-to-patient” Telemedicine companies with big marketing budgets.

These doctors had two options 1) Go to work for these “direct-to-patient” Telemedicine companies as independent service providers for reduced compensation, or 2) Risk their independent practices getting destroyed by telemedicine / e-health and their patient relationships going elsewhere. Until today. 

Speaking of Stuward, Lee Greene explains that his start-up has always been a voice and a champion for those who work silently in the background dedicating themselves to providing the care that our families and society needs – even at the risk of themselves. Family Caregivers were Stuward’s first. Now independent Doctors are their second. 

Introducing Stuward VÜ 

Stuward VÜ is a Telemedicine application that helps small to mid-sized medical practices to become competitive and to prepare for the increased demand in remote consultations, continuous care management, and overall patient-centered care. 

Stuward VÜ offers several tools to help doctors, their staff, patients and family caregivers alike. These include for example unlimited free accounts for patients and support staff, unlimited video consultations, on-demand dedicated messaging, automated reminders, a virtual waiting room and much more. Available in German and English (French is coming soon), the application works on desktop, tablet and smartphone.

The Zurich based start-up offers a 14-day free trial to enable a doctor to use Stuward VÜ without any obligation whatsoever. No credit card is required for the free trial. After the free trial it costs CHF 145.00 per month per doctor. Patient accounts and doctor staff accounts remain unlimited and free. 

Lee Greene stresses that is important to note that Stuward VÜ supports and is available to all doctors including, but not limited to, General Practitioners, Medical Specialists such as Psychiatrists and Psychologists.

Speaking about the future, Lee Greene explains Stuward’s mission is to use technology to improve access to healthcare and improve the quality of delivery. Along these lines, the start-up is today focused on continuing its research and development into the use of A.I to be able to predict when a person needs care and to deliver that care to them by the right doctor at the right time. 


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