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Sentec aquires Swisstom

29.08.2018 15:49

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Sentec, a Swiss medical device company focusing on products and technologies for non-invasive patient monitoring has acquired Swisstom. Swisstom has developed non-invasive, regional lung function monitoring devices based on Electrical Impedance Tomography (EIT).

The focus of Swisstom will remain unchanged under the umbrella of Sentec AG. The technology and product portfolio will be further strengthened, industrialized and made ready for a successful market introduction in the near future. Swisstom AG remains located in Landquart, the staff will be build up and managed by the actual CEO, Walter Gandorfer.

Both companies believe that the combination of EIT and transcutaneous sensor technologies may further advance patient monitoring in critical care settings.

Swisstom, based in Lanquart, was founded in 2009 and raised CHF12 million in three financing rounds. Investors included Zühlke Ventures and AR Innovation (founded by Andy Rihs). Swisstom raised

Founded in 1999, SenTec AG is a medical device company which develops, manufactures and markets technologies and products for noninvasive patient monitoring. SenTec AG gained attention and worldwide appreciation due to its digital, combined transcutaneous sensors enabling noninvasive and continuous ventilation and oxygenation monitoring. The company is based in Therwil.


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