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Two Swiss startups enable novel Open Digital Plaform

12.04.2019 13:49

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Tokenestate and CashSentinel team up to bring private Swiss digital securities to market. This milestone is very important for both companies as it paves the way for the development of the first and further showcases the ability of the second to pursue its growth through white label solutions.

Tokenestate and CashSentinel have just announced their collaboration to enable the issuance of Swiss ‘Digital Securities’, which are regulated financial instruments represented by digital blockchain assets.

Tokenestate, a FinTech & RegTech startup founded in 2018 in Geneva and Neuchâtel, is pioneering the model of Direct Public Offering by means of digital securities. By using the Tokenestate solution, asset managers, companies & startups can easily issue their own digital securities and offer them to retail investors in Switzerland and other geographies.

“By taking advantage of the Swiss regulation and blockchain technology, any company can directly perform an equity issuance, without having to hire an investment banker or a broker, and raise capital from thousands of investors in Switzerland and in other countries”. says Vincent Trouche, CEO of Tokenestate. “We’re witnessing the disintermediation of the issuance and exchange of securities. And Switzerland offers a competitive regulatory environment to build a global platform”.

CashSentinel, a Fintech specialized in escrow and e-commerce payment solutions, started operating in Switzerland in 2015, and expanded to Europe in 2017. The Tokenestate solution relies on the CashSentinel platform for client onboarding, AML/KYC Compliance and payment processing.

“Tokenestate solves a known pain-point in the industry with its innovative digital security platform. The applications of the technology are numerous and the growth potential tremendous.”, says Sylvain Bertolus, CEO CashSentinel. “We have built extensive expertise in the fields of client onboarding and compliant payment processing through API. After a first white-label implementation for Worldline | SIX Payment Services, CashSentinel is delighted to provide this expertise to Tokenestate and to support the team in this fascinating journey.”

Two Swiss Fintech team up

Both companies are based in the Lake Geneva area, and exemplify the advantages of collaborating to quickly bring innovative products to market.

Tokenestate is a Swiss company dedicated to the financing of companies and real estate assets using digital securities. It developed a cutting-edge Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform combining blockchain technology, digital signatures and legally sanctioned processes. 

CashSentinel provides client onboarding, AML/KYC and payment processing services via an API, which is integrated on the Tokenestate platform. “Any company willing to use our services will have a seamless KYC & AML process. And user experience is king.” says Vincent Trouche.

“Our expertise has raised interest from various players in the e-commerce space. It makes tremendous sense for us to reap economies of scale by offering our services within other platforms.” completes Sylvain Bertolus. 

Speaking of CashSentinel, the startup continues to develop its digital contract platform. It has experienced significant growth since its introduction in summer 2017, facilitating almost CHF 30 millions in client transactions in 2018, that is 450% more than in 2017.

“The first customers of this platform are very satisfied, and use it now every day” says Sylvain Bertolus. Between ongoing projects and its pipeline of prospects, the fintech is now focusing on growing its customer base in the coming months and years, both in Switzerland and in Europe.


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